EFT Tapping Therapy For Sleep

How will EFT tapping therapy for sleep help you?

EFT tapping therapy for sleep is based on stimulating certain energy/meridian points on your body. These points are all located in your upper body. According to the Journal of Mental and Nervous Disease, EFT can decrease your cortisol levels by 24%. When you practice EFT on yourself you help to restore your energy system which then leads to dissolving negative emotions or stress that lead to sleep problems.

Grab a blanket or maybe even a wedge pillow. Be relaxed, but be prepared to be transformed.

Eft is a skill you can take with you anywhere, anytime!

It costs nothing except a few minutes of tapping with your fingers.

What is EFT Tapping therapy for sleep?

EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a really unique, effective way to be rid of issues quickly and effectively. Tapping is very similar to acupuncture but without the needles.

EFT Tapping in a specific algorithm causes the feelings which you need to work on to show up and then be cleared. It is a systematic approach to neutralizing negative emotions. There is no pain, but an easy gain.

EFT helps to resolve issues quickly where other therapies may not have worked. EFT is an energy healing that allows people to progress into emotional well-being quickly.

This is a technique that can be self-applied by people, thereby increasing their chances of healing faster, because mostly they become their own healer.

This self-healing creates a feeling of empowerment in them, knowing they are in charge of their own body, mind, and spirit.

EFT can be applied to anything and everything. Sometimes people have physical issues for which there is no known cause, yet these issues persist daily.

Usually, this is when one should stop and wonder if there is something emotionally blocking them from being healed.

EFT starts working on issues right away; it is swift and therefore, cost-effective. Some people begin to feel vibrations in themselves and immediately feel light, yet stronger than before.

With EFT, people still retain the memory of the issue they’ve worked on, but whatever emotions they had around it is removed. The beauty of EFT is it can be done anytime, anywhere.

When you are doing EFT Tapping therapy for sleep, it is good to start with statements that are listed in each section.

You will notice once you start working, your own words, phrases, or emotions will come up, work on those as well. Those are what we look for to clear out when we are doing EFT Tapping.

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Our Beliefs and How They Affect Us

Whatever takes place in our life happens as a direct result of the beliefs we hold. To create real rapid changes, we have to change our negative feelings.

To change our negative beliefs, we have to change the way we think.

  • Our beliefs determine our environment
  • Our environment determines how we feel
  • Our feelings determine our choices and decisions
  • Our picks and decisions determine how we live
  • How we live determines which way our life will go

Believe it or not, our negative beliefs once served a purpose. These beliefs were developed by our subconscious mind to help protect us against something which may have been happening in our life at the time.

The problem with these types of beliefs is they stick around and refuse to leave unless therapy is done.

Negative beliefs have a way of compounding themselves to become barriers to what we hope to reach and aspire for. Initially, there has to be some time ISE (Initial Sensitizing Event) for a negative belief to take hold.

After this, each time SE (sensitizing event) occurs similar to ISE, the barriers grow stronger, and the negative belief gets compounded, which makes it hard to breakthrough.

This is where EFT Tapping can assist us in changing our negative beliefs. Anxiety is usually an association of not one such negative belief of not being able to sleep at night. Read our post on how to sleep better when you have anxiety. 

Parts to the Mind

There are four parts of our mind, and each contributes to how our life will play out.parts of the mind

The Conscious Mind – This part deals with what is happening in real-time for us. When we are in this state, we are usually awake and consciously aware.

This is the part that thinks and makes decisions based on what it sees and hears. When we carry out EFT Tapping our conscious mind is left to think about other things, thus suspending our judgment.

The Critical Faculty – The critical faculty is the part of our mind which accepts or rejects incoming information. This part of our brain decides whether or not to allow specific information to enter the subconscious mind.

If the information (belief) already exists in the subconscious mind, then the information will be allowed; if not, it will be discarded.

This part is bypassed or suspended when we commence with EFT Tapping.

The Unconscious Mind– This part of our mind deals with all the natural functions our body does without us worrying about them.

Examples of this would be breathing, blinking, or where our organs are going about their natural way.

Essentially, this is the inherent part of us, where our learned behaviors have become natural to us. This part of us starts to incorporate the new learning we do with EFT Tapping instinctively.

The Subconscious Mind – This is where our belief system is held and where all of our feelings come from.

The subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between what is happening in reality and what is imagined.

It perceives everything as being real. For example, when we are watching a sad movie, our emotions get involved. Consciously we know it’s not real, but our subconscious can’t tell the difference.

This is the part we tap into with EFT Tapping to bring about rapid change.

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What We Can Gain by Using EFT Tapping Therapy For Sleep?

The benefits of EFT are amazing. By practicing this technique, we learn to love and accept ourselves for who we are.

Different parts of our body store different memories and energy. Anger is stored in our liver, our kidneys reflect our fear, and anxiety can be held in our chest or stomach.

When we start tapping the blocked energy starts moving. Energy always has to move, or it becomes stagnant, which is when problems or issues begin to occur.

An example of energy moving is: when someone gets a headache, they throw up, and the headache is gone. This is the flow of energy being unblocked while finding release, and this happens because a resolution of a short-term negative belief has been made.

By tapping our body releases negative emotions, beliefs, and experience. As this takes place, our body starts to become the way it was supposed to when we were born, as if it had never picked up the negative beliefs.

By repeating positive affirmations during a round of tapping, we can desensitize ourselves to how others view us. Although it won’t stop others from seeing us the way they do, we become immune to their views and feelings.

What they say and feel about us cannot hurt us anymore!

The negative impact is lessened, our mind is clear, and we are better able to focus on the positive things in life. What the tapping does is trap our attention.

Rather than argue with the subjects of our daily thoughts, we bring ourselves out of those thoughts and focus on what is physically taking place. This allows us to feel the effect when we voice positive affirmations.

The more tapping we do and voice our positive affirmations, the better the visual imagery we construct. This visual imagery then creates a positive environment around us.

As we start to focus on what can be, we begin to neutralize old behaviors, patterns, and memories by draining the negativity out of them.

EFT Set-up Statement and Application

An EFT Statement contains three rounds, where a specific statement is repeated for one round of tapping. Each statement is said out loud.

  • Starts with “Even though,” this is followed by
  • Stating a negative emotion or belief, and
  • Ends with “I deeply and completely love and accept myself ”

Psychological Reversal

Psychological Reversal (PR) is the first step, and we massage this area in a counter-clockwise motion in small circles while stating our statement.

This statement is used because sometimes we can be psychologically reversed to what we desire the most. This little technique gets us moving in the right direction.

There might be some heavy emotions coming up even while doing this.

Tapping Points in Order

taping away anxiety

  1. Inner Eyebrow (IE)
  2. Outer Eyebrow (OE)
  3. Under Eyebrow (UE)
  4. Under Nose (UN)
  5. Under Lip (UL)
  6. Underneath Collar Bone (UCB)
  7. Underneath Arm (UA)
  8. Top Behind Head (TBH)

Instructions for Tapping

  1. You will need to read each statement from the “Negative Belief Statements” list and notice if any negative feelings inside you are invoked by stating the statement (such as anger, sadness, lack of…). The positive statement list follows, but it is only for guidance when tapping on the positive. You can say statements that resonate with your feelings.
  2. You will then need to classify the intensity of the negative feeling by giving it a number from 1-10; with one meaning it affects you little, and ten meaning it affects you way too much.
  3. Then pick the top 3 statements which affect you the most.
  4. You will need to use two fingers to tap each point seven times, but quickly and firmly to activate it.
  5. To complete one full round (which takes about 3 minutes) of tapping, you will need to repeat the algorithm three times.
  6. After a full round of tapping, you will need to inhale and exhale profoundly and have a drink of water.
  7. You will then need to re-examine the statement to see if it still rings true and where is it on the number ladder.
  8. Once you determine, the statement no longer affects you, move onto the next one. If the negative feeling is still quite high, then repeat the process until it has cleared out.
  9. In order to get rid of what is bothering you, you will need to commit to deal with your negative thoughts. Once you are happy with your accomplishment, you can summarize it to yourself and then healthily celebrate your success in getting a good night’s sleep.

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EFT Tapping to Release Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep can overwhelm and cripple people to such a state they can become non-functional.  It’s a disorder which is suffered by 40 million people in North America alone.

Most people who have sleep issues think something is wrong with them, and in their minds, only they are suffering. People who suffer from sleep disorders can be struck with feelings of being constantly tired.

These can happen any given night. EFT Tapping can help turn this cycle around and recreate a loop of being self-aware.

Taking notice of little changes within the body enables one to recognize the signs that they will have a hard time falling asleep. This makes it easier to halt the negative sleeping cycle.

EFT tapping is very useful in easing one to fall asleep before it gets out of control. The mind learns a new way to think.

Each time a tapping session has commenced the thoughts to a deep sleep get enforced, thus the individual gains control of the situation.

EFT also helps to neutralize sleep issues within minutes. It’s so discreet it can be done anywhere anytime. 

Most Common Types of Sleeping Disorders

      • Insomnia

Insomnia is described as not being able to fall asleep to get a sufficient amount of sleep to be rested. Its characteristics are difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.sleeping disorders

Most people who suffer from insomnia fall asleep for 20 to 30 minutes but then wake up. Falling asleep and waking up this way goes on all night long.

If you notice that this happens at least three times per week and lasts three months, it becomes chronic insomnia.

This sleep disorder is one of the most common disorders people experience when trying to go to sleep. 

      • Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless legs is a neurologically-based. This syndrome presents as an uncontrollable sensation in the arms or legs which keep them jerking or moving all night long.

It’s also can be described as people experiencing creepy, Crawling, itchy or even tingling sensation. Restless leg syndrome often occurs when a person is awake.

      • Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a very rare chronic sleep disorder. It commonly takes place during the daytime, despite a person getting there falsely at night. This sudden desire to sleep a.k.a. “sleep attacks” can occur without warning and the body will cooperate no matter what.

These sleep attacks can occur at any time of the day, no matter where you are.

The symptoms of narcolepsy are:

  • Sudden loss of muscle function
  • inability to talk or move upon waking or falling asleep
  • hallucination

Narcolepsy usually runs in families. That diagnosis of this is done in sleep labs.

      • REM Sleep Disorder

REM is associated with muscle recovery during sleep. When people are sleeping, they sometimes act out their dreams. This cannot only be dangerous for them, but it also can affect anyone who sleeps with them.

      • Sleep Apnea

This is when the airway gets blocked during sleep. Any time our throat gets blocked while were sleeping, the brain will cause us to wake up to resume normal breathing.

Sleep apnea can occur many times throughout the night which leads to poor quality of sleep. This disorder mainly affects men and women, but can sometimes be present in children as well as adolescents.

By balancing the energy meridians and neutralizing negative emotions, sleepless people may achieve relief.

Negative Belief Statements for Sleep Issues

  1. No matter how much I try I can’t fall asleep
  2. I get scared of going to sleep at  night
  3. Anxiety stops me from falling asleep
  4. Why can’t I just fall asleep
  5. When will I be able to fall asleep
  6. My mind thinks too much at night
  7. My mind won’t stop going over “what if, what if….”
  8. I feel like my world is going out of control
  9. I hate that I can’t control my body at night
  10. Why do I always experience itching at night
  11. Why can’t my legs stop moving
  12. I feel like I will miss out on things if I fall asleep
  13. I find I have to control how much sleep I get
  14. I don’t believe EFT tapping will work for my issue
  15. I  torment  myself at night with worst-case scenarios
  16. My throat gets so dry and tight
  17. I start getting dizzy, and this frightens me
  18. I feel like I’m trapped in my mind
  19. I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders
  20. I have frequent bad, bizarre, or crazy dreams
  21. I am anxious about my family all the time

Positive Belief Statements for Falling Asleep

  1. I can slow down and take life one day a time
  2. I am doing things the best way I know-how
  3. Even though I can’t sleep I remain calm at all times
  4. What’s going to happen, is okay
  5. I focus on inner peaceful feelings, and the world is ok
  6. I deserve to get my full amount of sleep
  7. I decide to accept EFT tapping will work for me
  8. I love myself and refuse to self-critique myself anymore
  9. I now create the best case scenarios
  10. I choose to breathe in and out slowly, which helps me fall asleep
  11. I recognize it when I get dizzy and let the feeling pass by knowing I’m going to be fine
  12. My muscles are loose and relaxed at all times
  13. My body cooperates with me needing my full sleep
  14. I am pain-free in my chest at all times
  15. My heart is healthy and strong
  16. I retain control of my thoughts
  17. I breathe deeply and inhale and exhale which helps the troubled situation to be relieved quickly
  18. My mind knows it’s all a trick and this helps me remain calm
  19. I am happy to be me, and everything is fine
  20. I let off some of the weight on my shoulders now
  21. My dreams are just dreams, and that’s all they are

Now to Start Tapping To Get Some Sleep

The first thing we always need to do is take ownership of what we are trying to get over. It doesn’t matter what is, but it is ours.

At some point in our lives to protect ourselves, we created something which is now causing us harm. The best way to claim this is by doing and stating one of the following:

  • Take a deep breath and you release the breath say the statement out loud.
  • I’m sorry for having a hard time getting my sleep
  • I take full responsibility for bringing this concern into my life
  • I love you (we can never hate our creations)
  • I am sorry for creating you
  • Thank you for coming and now going

From the “Negative Belief Statements” select 3 negative statements that you strongly resonate with, if you have other negative statements then use those. 




From this list of 3 statements, select one which strongly affects you. Close your eyes and see how the statement plays out in your life.

Think of what triggers this statement. How has it brought hurt into your life? Describe a scenario in your life where this statement played out precisely as you thought it would. 

  • Space Below is Intended For You to Create Your Scenario



You will need to repeat the process of creating a scenario for each negative statement you identified with.

Now you will be tapping out each statement one after the other. You will need to complete three rounds for each statement before beginning on the next one.

Begin at PR point and massage counter-clockwise in small circles while repeating the statement below three times.

“Even though ___( Negative belief inserted here)___, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.” 

Round 1 – Tap each point 7 times to activate it, but repeat the negative belief each time.

IE            -Repeat negative belief

OE          -Repeat negative belief

UE          -Repeat negative belief

UN         -Repeat negative belief

UL          -Repeat negative belief

UCB       -Repeat negative belief

UA          -Repeat negative belief

TBH        -Repeat negative belief

Now turn the negative statement into a positive statement. You can look at the “Positive Belief Statements” list for guidance.

You will begin your next round of tapping, but this time you will not massage the PR point.

Round 2 – Tap each point 7 times to activate it, but repeat each statement positively.

IE            -Repeat positive belief

OE          -Repeat positive belief

UE          -Repeat positive belief

UN         -Repeat positive belief

UL          -Repeat positive belief

UCB       -Repeat positive belief

UA          -Repeat positive belief

TBH        -Repeat positive belief

Round 3 – Tap each point 7 times to activate it. This time you will alternate between negative and positive statements. Once again, do not massage the PR point.

IE            -Repeat negative belief

OE          -Repeat positive belief

UE          -Repeat negative belief

UN         -Repeat positive belief

UL          -Repeat negative belief

UCB       -Repeat positive belief

UA          -Repeat negative belief

TBH        -Repeat positive belief

Now take a deep breath and release. You have now completed a full round; see how quick it was. Notice if you feel lighter. Take a drink of water to replenish your energy.

Repeat this process until negative feelings have been cleared out. Soon you will notice the way you think and feel has changed.

This will then enable you to reach for the goals you might not have tried to accomplish before. Accomplishing our desire and dreams bring us fulfillment, which leads us to be grateful for all that we have, which then brings more of what we desire to us.

Tapping therapy for sleep is a phenomenal way to sort out sleep problems but isn’t only limited to that. You can use this therapy for other issues in your life as well. 

Once you have cleared out negative statements and implemented positive affirmations, your body will need to integrate these new behaviors.

I highly recommend you rest yourself well after you have completed a session. Maybe even eat a protein bar as you have used up a lot of energy. 

Let me know in the comments below if you would try this technique to help you sleep better.

14 thoughts on “EFT Tapping Therapy For Sleep”

  1. I really like this post, it is so detailed and very informative.

    This is a great discovery for me, I have been a victim of insomnia for while now. Every time I am stressed I lose my sleep and the lack of sleep really affects my mood and health overall. 

    So, I think I can benefit greatly from tapping therapy. Do I need to have it done from a specialist the first time? I would like to get the right example before I can continue doing it on my own.


    • Hope this tapping therapy for sleep will help out. 

  2. Great information! I never knew that negative emotions are stored in certain organs of our body, thus make health vulnerable to illnesses and disease. I think EFT is one great solution to resolve our  problems brought by negative thoughts and feelings. You’re absolutely right when you said that we can be our own cure to our sickness that we brought to ourselves most of the time. 

    Just one question, wouldn’t EFT suppress our negative emotions and possibly be trapped within the  body? I know it can release anxiety, pain or even depression so please don’t get me wrong. I just want a clearer view on this issue. I am all for natural healing and I think it’s a  great practice. However, what if it’s done without motivation, could there be certain effects? 

    I also appreciate you for listing the procedure including the positive and negative belief statements as a guide. It will make EFT easier and more effective especially for beginners. Thank you for this valuable article.

    • No EFT will not suppress negative emotions; instead, it will clear them out. With each negative statement you say, you are replacing it with a positive statement. 

      When it’s replaced, you are doing thought interruption, which means you are pushing yourself to think positively. The negative emotion no longer pops up, because the association with it is removed. Thank for stopping by. 

  3. Thank you so much for this article. I have heard of EFT before but I have never tried it to improve my sleep issues. It has been about a year and a half that I have been falling asleep easily at night but later wake up and spend the next day feeling so awful. You have provided some details that I never before understood, and your setting out of the positive and negative statements provide much greater clarity. My problem used to be that I wasn’t sure what statements to say. I am definitely going to use your guidance and try EFT for sleep.

    • Hope you find relief of not being able to sleep with this article. Thanks for stopping by. 

  4. This really is a useful technique.  I learned Faster EFT and I highly recommend you check it out.  After you have an understanding of the meridians and you’ve tapped on them, you are then able to use your mind to focus on these meridians and receive the same benefits.

    The visualization comes in handy when you’re out in public, right?  One of the biggest issues with people rejecting EFT is they feel goofy tapping these points.  Me included!

    Don’t be afraid to learn it.  It’s one more tool for your healing tool box.

    Our mindset is a major player with everything we do in this life.  Our mouths can bless us or curse us, so we need to watch what we say because our minds are listening.  Whatever we say or do, our minds are going to make it true for us.

    I have seen a ton of testimonies of people, chronically ill, recover completely from using Faster EFT, but heard of the same with the traditional EFT as well.

    • EFT is great for many situations in life. As you said, it’s just another tool for the toolbox. Can never have enough of those. Our minds are pretty powerful when it comes to affirmations. It all depends upon the type of statements we are making, be it positive or negative. 

  5. OMG! EFT tapping therapy could be the answer to all my sleep depravation 

    I’m so pleased that I have found this technique and I have bookmarked it so that I can keep teaching myself how to be more relaxed and love myself a little better

    When you say ‘tap’ do you tap repeatedly on the certain points or is it just once per spot? 

    I’m hoping that using this therapy will get me a good night’s sleep for a change as I haven’t slept properly for about 2 years after having a heart attack 

    I will let you know if it worked for me or not thanks so much for showing me this 🙂

    • If you read the section on instruction for tapping, it explains exactly what to do. Please do get back to me, to let me know how it goes. 

  6. One of the most important topics out there, sleep! I’m always looking for better ways to sleep, and EFT Tapping sounds pretty interesting. I like the idea of becoming your own healer and agree that this type of method can be the most effective. It’s important to know thy self to truly be healed. What I like about EFT Tapping is that is can be self-administered and thus cost-effective. Energy is all around us and I will definitely give this a shot, thank you!

    • You are right. sleep is very important. The more tools we have, the better it is for us. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. This is the first time I’ve heard and read about Tapping Therapy For Sleep. It can get rid of the issues in your body as well? This is something I must indeed try out. I do yoga, so I am really shocked that I never knew about this!

    I love that it can relax your mind, body, and spirit. To change the way we think can heal many things in your mind and body. I’ve learned this in yoga class, it is very important.

    This post honestly covers everything you need to know about your mind, body, and spirit, as well the tapping therapy for the sleep of course, which is amazing.

    Thank you for covering this topic and all the best.

    • Yes, it a therapy that is still infancy. When I trained in it, it was just starting to get known. In order to have restful everything to do with the body/mind/soul has to be cover. This tapping therapy for sleep does exactly that. 


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