Best Therapeutic Pillows For Lower Back Pain: 7 Top Rated For Lumbar Support In 2021

Why get therapeutic pillows for lower back pain? Because lower back pain is a significant cause of loss of sleep.

Pillows we have reviewed are all excellent lumbar support pillows. Each one of them is constructed from memory foam, which is low/slow rebounding. The reason low rebounding pillows are suitable for the back or for elevating any other parts of your body is that they maintain their shape.

You may notice gaps between your body and the bed that strain your muscles and spine. You can reduce this stress by using pillows to fill the gaps. (Source: Healthline)

Most times, memory foam pillows contour to body shape. But a person who is experiencing back pain needs excellent and proper support for spinal alignment. Choosing unique therapeutic pillows for lower back pain doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you know what to look for.

Therapeutic Pillows For Lower Back Pain

1.     Mokeydou Lumbar Support Pillow

therapeutic pillows lower back pain

This lumbar support pillow provides excellent support to your lower back. The reason for this is because of the thickness, which is 2.3 inches high. This elevation of the pillow supports your lower back so that you can sleep without pain.

It is an ergonomic triangular designed pillow, so the only portion of your body that’s getting support is your lower back while the rest is in proper alignment. This is a slow bound memory foam breathable pillow, and the cover is 100% cotton.

If you’re one of those people who have pain in your lower back, then this pillow will make sure that it is prevented from happening. You can even use this pillow while sleeping on your side.

What’s great about this pillow – due to its thickness, it will even help to relieve sciatic nerve pain, which can often disrupt sleep at night.

One customer’s comment, this pillow helped them when they had a ruptured disc. It provided the proper support and held its shape.

You will get a full guarantee for 30 days. You can return the pillow without any questions.

2.     TruContour Lumbar Support Pillow

therapeutic pillows for back pain

This pillow has advanced features of being able to align your spine as well as improve posture. You’ll notice that the pillow helps to reduce muscle and ligament strain.

This pillow is available in two sizes; the light model is for those who are looking for minimal support while the heavy model is those who are looking for strong lumbar support.

You can adjust the height of this pillow by adding or removing pads. The lumbar support pillow comes with a cover that is machine washable — medical grade memory foam has been used, which will offer you the right balance of support and comfort.

Something you will like – there are no sharp angles as they can disrupt sleep at night. Each angle on this pillow is rounded gently into a smooth curve.

Even when sleeping on your side, this pillow will help to keep your spinal in total alignment. What’s even better is that if you are a stomach sleeper, you can still use this pillow.

If the product were to not perform as to what you are expecting, you can return it within one year, and you will get a new one in its place.

3.     Mokeydou Lumbar Support Pillow

A pillow that will help to relieve sciatica, hip, and back pain. It is designed ergonomically to support lumbar pain. A pain that makes sleep impossible at night.

The washable 100% cotton cover is super soft. It’s another pillow with a low rebound memory foam. Doctors usually recommend low rebound memory foam for people who suffer lower back pain.

The pillow has multi-functions. Not only is it good for your lower back, but you can sleep on your side and stomach as well. The pillow will help you to improve your posture and keep you in alignment throughout the night.

Outstanding feature – the lumbar support pillow can also be used for support to provide proper leg spacer so you can sleep without hip pain.

The pillow also has sweat-wicking properties. Meaning that if you’re a hot sleeper, then it will remove the sweat from that party of your body where the pillow is being used. It’s also breathable and easy to clean.

You will receive a full customer satisfaction guarantee and can return the pillow within 30 days.

4.     Compu Clever Lumbar Support Pillow

This is an ergonomically designed pillow that will support you in all your sleeping, especially providing comfort to your lower lumbar. If the pillow is properly fitted under your waist, your waist will receive support at all times.

I like that the pillow helps to reduce muscle cramps as well as improve ligament stretching. You can use the pillow to elevate any part of your body, which needs proper support for you to sleep at night.

Many people have even been known to use this pillow to support swollen ankles’  and lower legs. It’s an excellent pillow that even expecting moms will find useful.

A feature you will appreciate – super soft velvet fabric is earth-friendly, and it is breathable as well resists dust mite — an excellent lumbar pillow for people who have nighttime allergies.

This is a low maintenance pillow; all you really have to do is vacuum the cover. If the cover needs to be washed in the washing machine, simply open the zipper and wash it.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and you can return this pillow within 30 days.

5.     Gel Cooling Lumbar Support Pillow

This pillow is designed to give you excellent support whatever your needs are. The pillow comes with an additional layer that can be removed to change the loft of the pillow.

An excellent pillow that focuses on correct sleeping postures. It’s a cooling pillow, meaning that you will not sweat while you sleep. Pain and sweat both make it hard to sleep at night. This pillow deals with both of these sleeping issues.

It will adapt to the curve of your spine while gently pressing down on pain pressure points. The pillow doesn’t retain heat and has excellent breathing capabilities.

Something to look forward to – it’s a hypoallergenic pillow due to its super soft bamboo cover. Excellent for those who are environmentally friendly as well need nasal relief at night.

One customer who purchased the pillow was skeptical of the lower lumbar pillow. But after throwing out her back, she bought the pillow and became a lifelong believer.

Another thing you will appreciate the e-book that you receive with this pillow. It teaches you how to improve your sleep as well as alleviate back pain.

You receive a 30-day return policy.

6.     Pep Step  Lumbar Support Pillow

This is a perfect 3-inch pillow that provides proper but advanced back pain relief. Many pregnant women have been known to use this pillow to alleviate pregnancy pains.

It’s not only good for the lower back, but you can also use it to elevate your feet or under your kneecaps. It’s an excellent pillow to use when you’ve had hip or lower back surgery.

It has cooling gel memory foam, and it keeps your body temperature regulated to stay on the cool side. The pillow will help to reduce back strain as well as improve overall posture.

The cover on the pillow is removable so you can wash it. Something you will appreciate it that the cover is made of super-soft eco-friendly lyocell fabric.

It’s appreciative feature – because it is engineered to support your back while adapting to the curve of your spine, you can sleep in any position be it your side or on your stomach.

You’ll get a one-year warranty; if anything happens to your product within one year, you can return it for a brand-new one without being charged.

7.     Acksonse Lumbar Support Pillow

Do you need proper spinal alignment? If so, then this lumbar pillow will help you to retain posture as well as keep your spine in alignment to keep you pain-free. It’s super soft cover feels luxurious next to your skin and is lined with mesh liner which will increase your comfort as well as improve the breathability quality of the pillow.

You can remove the cover easily and throw it into the washer for easy cleaning. No need to wash your pillow as a cover will extend the longevity as long as you keep it clean. The pillow will wick away any sweat that your body produces, which means that hot sleepers will enjoy having this pillow on their bed.

It’s another multifunctional pillow. This pillow is not only perfect for people who suffer from lower lumbar pain, but it’s also great for women who have had babies or are expecting. You could even use it for a backrest for the office chair.

What stands out – this is a pillow, which is being recommended by physical therapists to patients to alleviate lumbar pain.

One customer shared, ever since she received the pillow, she has been using it to get the best sleep she has ever had.

You are guaranteed full money back if for any reason you’re not satisfied.

Who Can Use Therapeutic Pillows For Lower Back Pain

Although therapeutic pillows for lower back pain is recommended for people who are experiencing lower lumbar pain, other people can use them as well, such as:

  • Recovering from back surgery
  • Reducing hip pain
  • Expecting moms who need extra support
  • Elevating swollen ankles
  • People who need waist support when sleeping on their stomach
  • Individuals who need side spine support was sleeping on their side
  • Those who want to keep total body alignment when sleeping

When we are sleeping with an extra elevated pillow, we should always be keeping our spine in a neutral position. Sleeping in this position helps us to reduce the chances of muscle and joint pain while improving our overall sleep quality.

Getting the best therapeutic pillow for lower back pain to provide excellent lumbar support can help you quickly achieve this no matter what position you sleep in. Be it your back, side, or on your stomach.

Why Does Your Back Need Support More Than Any Other Part Of Your Body

The lumbar area needs the most support because it is essential to all three main sleeping positions.

Stomach sleeper – when sleeping on your stomach, you back tends to flex down. This is hard on the back; having the right therapeutic pillow for lower back pain will help to raise the back up for proper spinal alignment.

Back sleeper – when people sleep on their back, the back tends to rise slightly. This takes the spine out of alignment and creates a terrible posture. Not having an excellent lumbar support pillow can leave your back unsupported while creating back pain issues.

Side sleeper – side sleeping is one of the more common sleeping positions. One of the main issues here is not having proper back support. There is often a gap with your waist not touching the bed that comes from your shoulder and hips due to their gravitational pull.

Final Words On Therapeutic Pillows For Lower Back Pain

Even though most physical therapists who deal with ongoing back pain suffered by their patients will recommend getting a lumbar pillow. There are other ways you can alleviate back pain with household products.

There are two that might do the trick. One is using rolled-up towels under your back for spinal alignment. Another is using a small throw pillow. Although both of these provide the support, they do not have any memory foam, which makes a lumbar pillow that much more coveted.

Lower back pain is a sleep robber and has been robbing sleep for millions of people all over the world. Although this discomfort can sometimes be temporary, there are times that it can be due to ongoing medical conditions.

To get yourself through the hardship of suffering pain, why not buy one of our recommended therapeutic pillows for lower back pain. Any sleeping accessory or product you use will make a big difference in how you sleep. There is also a review on mattresses for hip bursitis, which is a common occurrence among people who deal with back pain.

If your entire body spine is out of alignment, then wedge pillows are another option you have two strengthen and straighten your spine. They also help to improve the posture of the spine, which makes it easier to sleep at night.

Share in the comments below how you deal with lower back pain.

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  1.  I am definitely getting one of these.

    I always sleep on side and sometimes on my stomach but rarely sleep on my back because it hurts in the morning. 

    When I do I experience shoulder or back pain, right now I’m am experiencing pains on my shoulders and down my spine. 

    Other times it’s my waist and spine and drugs don’t seem to do much so I am going to get one of these.

    • Great! Please do let us know how they work out for you.,

  2. I personally have severe lower back pain. I go to the chiropractor once a week and a message therapist 2x a month for a deep tissue massage. My chiropractor brought up a lumbar pillow so i started my research for the best one. I personally am thinking the gel cooling lumbar support pillow is my best option.

    It helps eliminate sweating, ease back pain, extra layer you can pull out, and an e book to help explain more on how to sleep better. These sound like amazing benefits i cant wait to try it out!

    • Great choice, here’s to hoping no more lower back pain. 


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