6 Easy Ways to Change Attitude Before Getting Out Of Bed

Ways to change attitude before getting out of bed is something we should all focus on.

Why do you need ways to change your attitude?

Remember our attitude accounts for 100% of what our day is going to be like. This same attitude is what’s going to create a great sleep at night. 

Now let’s break down attitude by its spelling order in numerical order, while giving each letter a percent

A = 1%

T = 20%

T = 20%

I = 9%

T = 20%

U = 21%

D = 4%

E = 5%

Add the numerical values and you will end up with 100%. That is how much your attitude matters when you get started on your day. 

I find that changing my attitude before getting out of bed helps me to have a great day. Below are intentional ways which lead me to change my attitude for the day.

1.  Meditate

Meditation doesn’t necessarily have to be 20 minutes, even if we can take a 5-minute pause to focus on calming down our mind before the day even begins, would be beneficial to us.meditate

Many people, when they think of meditation, they think of sitting cross-legged with their palms facing up on their thighs.

Some people think that lying down is the best way to meditate, but my thoughts on this whatever method helps you concentrate the most is where you will find your most beneficial form of meditating.

E.g., my way of meditating is merely relaxing in an upright position on my bed before I start the day. It’s where I feel most relaxed as well I can focus on what my day is going to be like. This is an intentional way to start my day.

During meditation, I let myself know unknown circumstances may pop up, but I will not let them affect my day. If you deal with unforeseen happenings before your day begins, you come out that much ahead. Meditation also helps to do away with any stress which may arise during the day. 


Because you will already have dealt with whatever the day was going to throw at you, your mind will stay at ease.

2.  Affirmations

One thing that I like to do in the morning is to let myself know that I’m going to have a great day. It doesn’t matter if I have scheduled meetings or clients coming in.

Before I started doing my morning routine on how to change my attitude, I would let whatever my clients had to say about their personal lives affect my day.

As a counselor, I was taught not to take anything to heart. But some of the things I heard from my clients did make an impact on my personal lives.

Here are a few of the affirmations I use:

My positive vibration will raise my attitude

I greet this morning with joy and gratitude

I am so thankful for another day on earth

New opportunities await me today

Divine energy surrounds me

I truly am blessed today

I had an anxiety-free sleep which means it will be a great day

Our mind is where our life as a human being started. All of our actions are determined by the nature of our thoughts which we hold in our mind. If there is no mind, then there is no life.

Because of the life experiences I’ve had (mainly dealing with rare cancer), I learned that my mind is like an elastic. Our brain can expand, but if not exercised in the right manner, it can also shrink.

What I found that helps my mind to grow in the morning is to do a little exercise which helps to keep it expanding all day long.

This little exercise will go hand-in-hand with meditation. I allow myself to dream what it is that I want out of the day today. By allowing myself to imagine, I permit myself to accept a good flow that is coming into my life.

Every three months, I have a CT scan to make sure cancer in my body is not growing. Each time I have a CT scan, I permit myself to dream that the tumor is either shrinking or completely gone. So far it’s worked out well for me as it has started shrinking.

3.  Leave Yesterday Behind

Not bringing yesterday’s problems to the forefront of our mind early in the morning goes on to create a great attitude of knowing you won’t let those issues bother you.

To help you prepare for the new day, you mustn’t allow yesterday’s disappointments to follow you into today. 


It only creates for a sleepless night later on. Also, by allowing yesterday’s disappointments to follow you into today, you will find yourself with another day filled with regrets.

It’s like a domino effect where one topples over, the rest follow. That’s what disappointments are like. If one comes in, then, many more are not far behind.

What happened yesterday should have no bearing on what’s going to happen today. It’s a new day to bring in something new which will affect you in a positive in a way.

4.  Remember Optimism is Choice

You can wake up happy. What I find works best for me is that I tell myself the night before that I am going to wake up with gratitude for being here on this very day.

Optimism is a skill we all can learn. Remember, pessimists tend to believe that adverse events are not their fault, but the optimistic person feels it’s a matter of choice or circumstances.

One way to make the right choice is always consciously to ask yourself: Is it me? What can I do differently? And is it everything in my life?

When you wake up in the morning examine an issue that might’ve upset you yesterday. This is where you will have to focus on realizing you can look at the situation with the new perspective. Maybe there is something you overlooked, examine it again using your submodalities to see if you can bring in new awareness.

To be optimistic about the future is to let go of the past. Many people hold on to their past like a comfortable blanket. They don’t know how to live any other way. It’s unfortunate when I see this because we are always meant to keep growing.

When I see a person who is letting their past affect their living now, in my mind, it’s like they’ve placed self-limitations on themselves on what they can and can’t do.

5.  Believe Who You Are Today

By believing who you are today, you’re letting go of who you were yesterday.

This means you’re allowing growth to come in to expand on who you were yesterday.

Each morning I allow myself to believe my thinking has new heights. This is done by knowing that yesterday was a different me, today I believe there is a new me.

I enjoy reading, especially self-help books. They help to expand my thinking which allows me to develop in new ways. I make a habit of reading one self-help book a day; sometimes if I can’t find a new book, I will reread an old one.

There’s always something new to be found when one rereads an old book.

Remember that each time a thought affects you in some new way, you’ve grown.

6.  Give Your Day a Great Ending

This is my favorite morning routine as I can give my day an ending I feel will match my attitude for the day.

You can end your day in your mind on a positive note. By doing it this way, you’ve already let your brain know what to expect at the end of the day.

There is no other way your mind will accept any different ending, but what you’ve already declared it to be so.

By filling your mind to live in the present moment, you can detach yourself from any situation which happened during the day.

This not only ensures a great ending, but it also leads to a great sleep which can help you to create a better morning routine the next day.

These 6 ways to change attitude do not have to be complicated; they can be quite easy if it is done intentionally with conscious focus. Once mindful concentration is attained, our subconscious kicks in to keep it going. 

Attitude adjustments can be made as long as you let go of any anxiety which may interrupt your sleep.

Share in comments below how you change your attitude to get a head start on your day.

14 thoughts on “6 Easy Ways to Change Attitude Before Getting Out Of Bed”

  1. I really have a hard time getting to sleep at night but I found your site to be very informative. You are so correct when you stated that you have to leave yesterday behind. This, I am working on because the days are full of stress and anxiety. Today I will start to meditate. I’d like to follow you to find out more.

    • Great, hopefully, you will get the sleep you need as well as release the unneeded anxiety of worry.

  2. Every bit of advice in your article is spot on!  I used to lay in bed at night stressing about other people in my life, about things I literally had no control over, and then I decided to give my problems to God and stop the noise in my head.  It was a conscious decision.  I start my day by sitting in front of my light box with a nice cup of tea, and I just take deep breaths and think about all the wonderful things in my life.  If I even start to stress about something, I make a decision to “change the channel” as I like to say.  I don’t dwell, and I think about positive outcomes instead of the usual, “oh my what will I ever do if this happens in my life!?” things.  I’m much happier and far more productive now.

    • Thanks for sharing your mind changing ways of thinking, it will help others to form new methods of being upbeat right from the get-go.

  3. Your site is very informative.  I plan to start meditating to reduce my stress.  I look forward to following you to learn more about the process. I liked the images that truly tell your story.  I’d plan to refer my mother to your site because she has trouble sleeping at night and has tried everything but meditation.  You are so correct when you stated that you have to start your day with a positive attitude.  I believe you have to tell yourself you can relax.  

    • Glad you found this site helpful, wishing you lots of stress-free days. 

  4. You know at first I never thought that affirmations would work but you have convinced me otherwise. I will try to make the most of your points in the article to help change my attitude before getting out of bed as it is such a hard task for me. 

    Please continue to post content like this as I love to read this stuff. 

    I will practice those affirmations haha 


    • Great, let me know how it goes.

  5. Starting your day right as soon as you get up is what I try to do everyday! I have my own little routine. This post definitely is informative and important. If you start your day out with a negative attitude you are doomed from the start. If you start off with the go getter and positive attitude will go far.

    • You are so right, why doom the day when you can start of great to keep it great. 

  6. This article could not have come at a more appropriate time to affirm positive steps I’ve taken and also remind me to keep looking forward. This was exactly what I needed to read today! As I get ready to face a very difficult few weeks I can always go back to this article and I believe it will help me stay focused on the positive.


    • Thanks for your comment, wishing you happy days ahead.

  7. Hello jagi, thank you for this wonderful post. I didn’t quite understand how you were able to do that addition on the letters though. I mean how you have the ratio. I want to agree with you here on two things. First is how you start the day positively. Yes this is one of the most important things that I think can make one have a great change of attitude. Also ending the day on a good note is very important as well. This are two things I do but I will try out your other tips like meditation. Thank you again.

    • I am using the placement of the letters in the numerical system. Thanks for stopping by. 


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