9 Best Wedge Pillows For Acid Reflux To Own In 2021

Wedge pillows for acid reflux are becoming very popular due to their diverse usage. They are not only useful for heartburn, but they also help with a host of other issues.

But today, we are going to discuss why you need a wedge pillow to help keep the acid in your stomach down to a minimum.

Before we go any further, I still want to share some of the reasons other than acid reflux why people may use wedge pillows.

  • Watching your favorite TV show – many people placed the wide end of the wedge pillow on the mattress back against their headboard. This creates an ergonomic angle for watching TV or reading a book. Rather than sitting back against your headboard where you’re sitting straight up, you kind of lean back in an angle where the wedge pillow forms around your back to give you a gentle soft hug.
  •  Creates a gentle slope for back sleepers – sometimes providing the right amount of height for your back can be the most cost-effective way to improve several issues. One of them is acid reflux disease. Many people suffer from breathing issues; by using a wedge pillow, they can give themselves an incline of 30 to 45°, which takes the pressure off their airway. This helps their symptoms to start to improve.
  •  Under your knees – having a wedge pillow under your knee can help you take off the pressure on your back. It also helps to improve circulation to muscles, which are tired or sore as well as relieving swelling in feet.
  •  Clogged sinuses – by your head being raised, it helps to stop the sinuses from getting flooded, especially when we’re sleeping. Due to your head being raised, your sinuses can drain better, which will help you get a good night’s sleep. It doesn’t matter if you have a cold or flu, you will get relief with the wedge pillow.
  •  Improves snoring – some snore which could be related to a deviated septum, allergies or sickness may block your ability to breathe through your nose. This causes a person to breathe with their mouth, which leads to vibration of the tissues in your airways, which causes a person to snore. Most people who snore usually end up falling asleep on their back, which leaves their mouth wide open, jaw relaxed and dropped backward. The wedge pillow helps to keep you positioned at an elevated angle, which improves the chances of not snoring.

What Are Wedge Pillows For Acid Reflux?

A wedge pillow is a triangular-shaped pillow which has a tapered incline which aids a person to remain in a semi-upright position during sleep. These types of pillows can help gravity to work with you to make sure that you can sleep at night.

People who suffer from sleep apnea often find that they sleep better when they’re sleeping in a reclining chair; some even use bricks or two by fours to raise the head of their bed. Having a wedge pillow helps you to do away with all that.

Wedge pillows usually come at an angle of about 30 to 45°, which is precisely what you need when trying to get to sleep at night.

These orthopedic pillows are designed for people who suffer chronic pain and/or circulation issues.

Most of them are made from dense memory foam, which provides sturdy, long-lasting support. They tend to be longer as well wider than the standard sleeping pillows. They are also a bit heavier, which prevents them from slipping off your bed.

Each bed type being king, queen, single or double all use different sizes of wedge pillows. The best thing to do when getting a wedge pillow is to measure your bed to get a pillow to cover the width span of your bed

Before going any further, I want to let you know Jagi wrote a post on best natural cures for acid reflux, see if you find some help there.

Wedge Pillows For Acid Reflux

1. Avana Super Slant Bed Wedge Pillow with Bamboo Cover

This wedge pillow offers significant elevation, much like a hospital bed. It fits your upper body to provide elevation to keep the acid down. This is an ideal sleeping surface for those who suffer from acid reflux.

The angles of this wedge pillow also help with symptoms of chest or sinus congestion’s enabling you to get a good sleep.

It will cover the full-width span of both types of beds. You can even use your pillow on this wedge pillow.

This wedge pillow offers luxury to the user. It is made from medium density polyurethane foam, which gives you the support that you require during sleep time. It also has 1 inch of memory foam, which wraps around your body to cover you like a hug.

The beauty of the memory foam is that this pillow springs right back into its original form once the user gets up for the day. It stays cool throughout the night. 

The bamboo cover on this pillow is perfect for preventing slippage. It is both removable as well machine washable, so this makes cleaning it very simple.

If you feel like you need a night of uninterrupted sleep where you feel fully awake in the morning as well prepared for the long day ahead, then this pillow may provide just that.

The product dimensions are 32″L x 72″W x 7.5″H. It is made in the USA.

Pillows tend to slip off the bed; the fact this pillow has slippage prevention is positive. Chasing down pillows at night can be a source of sleep disruption.

You will get a 30-day return policy.

2. InteVision’s Extra Large Bed Wedge Pillow

This is an excellently designed pillow, which also comes in the extra-large size. It also comes with an adjustable memory foam, which is in its separate package. The memory foam is made up of 2 inches, which helps to form the firm-based foam. This extra added height provides better support for your neck and head.

An extra-large version of this pillow has a 400 thread count, is smooth and silky made of 100% Egyptian cotton cover, which is removable as well machine washable.

The total width span of this wedge pillow allows you to keep your arms comfortably on the pillow as well as gives you more flexibility to allow the proper body adjustments which meet your body needs.

This pillow not only helps with acid reflux, but it also helps with snoring, allergies, or any other sleeping issues which are hindered when sleeping in common supine positions. The wedge pillow will aid in post-surgery recovery as well as is suitable for pregnant women. 

What attracted me to this pillow was that it could aid in post-surgery recovery. Some people who have COPD have minimal allergy issues with using this pillow, which means it might have some non-allergenic properties.

It comes in three different product dimensions:

  • 24 x 24 x 12 inches
  • 33 x 30.5 x 7.5 inches
  • 33 x 30.5 x 12 inches

This pillow offers arm support, which can lead to a night of better sleep. Snoring and allergies are often a great disruption of sleep, that alone is enough to get this pillow.

You will get a 30-day refund policy.


3. Cushy Form Bed Wedge Pillow 1.5 Inch Memory Foam Top

This wedge pillow will help turn your bed into a comfortable recliner. Not only will it help to improve your posture, but it will also relieve back or neck pain, which is a bonus to the acid reflux it’ll keep down.

You can use this pillow as well as the pillows listed above for reclining, reading, rest, or just having an excellent sleep at night.

Due to the multipurpose of this pillow, it is adjustable, which will help you enjoy a snore-free sleep, or you can even set it upright for leg elevation.

This wedge pillow will not collapse under your body weight. It has a 1.5-inch memory foam layer with a cover that is soft yet breathable.

The wedge pillow will help to promote a night of better sleep as well as prevent orthopedic health issues that may arise from your neck, spine, or shoulders.

Since it has been medically designed, it is perfect for acid reflux as well as keeping sinus pressure down.

The dimensions of this pillow are 25 x 24 x 12 inches.

Even the elderly can enjoy the benefits of this pillow.

This pillow may be a little bit on the firm side for some people. If you are one of those people who like a bit of firmness, then this pillow will be perfect for you.

It is a 100% risk-free purchase; the manufacturer stands behind their product without hesitation.

4. Relax Home Life Bed Wedge Pillow

The Relax Home Life wedge pillow comes with a lifetime warranty. It has over 1200, making it a favorite among buyers.

It is ergonomically designed to support all types of sleepers but is exceptionally efficient with keeping acid out of the esophagus so you can get a good sleep at night. Not only does this pillow help with heartburn, but it also helps to keep backaches to a minimum.

The cover is hypoallergenic; it’s excellent for those who suffer allergies and having a tough time breathing due to a stuffy nose. The material is dust mite resistant, which helps to keep germs at bay.

If you are a person, who suffers post-natal drip but find yourself getting annoyed and feel you an only sleep by sitting, then this pillow will take care of that as well. Many people have been known to use it for coughing as well as aligning their spine.

The pillow is 40% Bamboo and 60% Polyester. The memory foam will easily mold to your neck and head to help keep migraines at bay. You can use your own pillow with the wedge to help give a little more elevation, yet that will not disturb your sleep.

The cover is breathable, which is an addition to those who have a problem sleeping due overheating. You can try the pillow risk-free for 100% return/exchange.

5. Supportive Home Pillows Wedge Bed Pillow

This pillow is a bamboo-derived rayon. Meaning it has good stretch as you lie down you can feel the pillow shaping around your head and neck. The pillow was made to provide pressure to the points when needing pain relief.

It will help to keep the food you have eaten in the stomach, which prevents heartburn. You can even rest your shoulders comfortably without feeling like your arms are getting in the way of relaxing. It will elevate your torso to keep you in an upright position, but you will not notice that because your whole body comes into an excellent alignment.

You can even be on your laptop or phone while staying in the position of the wedge; it makes for easy scrolling so you will not need sit-up, especially if you starting to wind down for the day. It’s a bit of firmer wedge, so it’s great for people who don’t like the sinking but yet are still looking for relief from acid reflux.

The pillow is made for all types of sleepers; it will accommodate any position you wish to take in bed. It takes about 24 hours for the pillow to recover its full shape. You can even use the wedge for leg elevation to relax and release pressure points.

The makers of this wedge pillow stand behind their product 100%. If you, for any reason, you find you’re not too satisfied, you can return the pillow within 30 days for a full refund with no questions asked.

6. LUXELIFT Support Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow

This pillow has been used for therapeutic support by people who prefer gel-infused memory foam. You can easily adjust this pillow starting from 8” up to 12”. The pillow remains cool all night long, so you will not have to worry about sweating.

It’s commonly used by people who not only suffer heartburn but also need help with lower, upper, and centralized back pain. There are so many who find it helps with restless leg syndrome as well.

You can sleep in any position you want, yet the pillow will keep you in total alignment at all times. This is a bonus for those who want to keep their back straight during sleep.

Pregnancy is a typical time when women suffer from acid reflux; by using this pillow, these women will be able to keep acid to a minimum, this will let them get a full sleep. Pregnant women usually start getting tired quickly, but if they can get their full sleep, it definitely helps to keep their energy up to deal with other life necessities.

The material used to make this pillow is 100% premium grade, which helps to keep allergens out of your bed and your nose as well as keep your eyes from puffing up. There is an excellent airflow in the pillow to keep you cool all night long. It also wicks away sweat, so you remain dry and comfortable.

Upon buying, you will get a 5-year warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee.

7. Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

Drs back the Xtreme Comforts wedge pillow. It has an incline of 30 °, which is perfect for those who need to keep acid in the stomach rather than creeping into the throat, causing heartburn. Sleeping isn’t fun when you keep burping up burning liquid.

This pillow has a great ergonomic design, which creates an elevation for the head and neck alignment. You can use the pillow on your regular bed or daybed. It is hypoallergenic, keeps away all allergens, which may disturb your sleep. The bamboo cover is soft, yet durable to last a long time.

You can use the wedge pillow to keep your upper body elevated so you can watch TV or browse your phone or laptop. Once you are done keeping it upright, it’s easy to switch to elevate your legs.

It will help those who undergo surgery to recover quickly due to the angle to keep the body in an upright position. It is machine washable, and after drying out, it will quickly regain its shape. The memory foam will not fall apart in your washing machine.

The pillow helps to reduce pressure points so you can experience sleeping pain-free. Your quality of sleep will be highly improved.

It comes with a bamboo quilted cover which is easily removable due to the unique design of the zipper. The cover can withstand the harshest of treatments, yet will not rip or tear unless you cut it with a scissor.

Because the pillow uses a deluxe body active memory foam, your pillow is always guaranteed to retain its shape at all times. Even when it conforms to your body, once you get-up, it will quickly spring back.

You are guaranteed a risk-free purchase. The manufacturer makes your sleep a top priority if any time you are not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund. You also receive a lifetime warranty of 100%.

8. Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Wedge Pillow

Brentwood Home Zuma bed wedge pillow guarantees you a great night’s sleep. Many customers are raving about how they have experienced heartburn since they bought this pillow. Not only that, but they’re also talking about how it has helped with their snoring issues.

Sometimes being comfortable when sleeping can become an issue relating back to a burning in the chest. Why experience that, when you can just simply get yourself this pillow to help take off the pressure in your esophagus.

You can easily pop yourself into a comfortable sitting position while watching TV or reading a book. Many people also state that they have a really refreshing afternoon nap because this pillow helps to keep the acid down as well if the cooling bamboo and polyester pillow. No matter how warm your head gets, the pillow will always remain cool.

Pregnant women especially find this pillow helpful as it helps to keep stomach contents in the stomach, rather than have them rise up to cause heartburn or acid reflux issues.

The triangle-shaped wedge pillow consists of 1.5-inch memory foam to the top layer, which will mold or contour to your body shape. It also comes with a bamboo viscose cover. This cover is breathable, soft, and luxurious. It will help you remain cool throughout the night.

One reviewer commented that she ordered it for her snoring issues. It worked well to help her, not only that her husband, who used it one night, also found that it is alleviated acid reflux issues. She ordered one for him as well.

9. Medslant Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow

Medslant acid reflux wedge pillow will have your head elevated 6 to 8 inches off the bed while supporting your torso. This pillow will help you to keep the acid down and your airways open. This will ensure that you are breathing correctly when sleeping at night.

It is hypoallergenic, and the overlay of the memory foam will help to conform the pillow to your body. When the pillow adjusts to your body shape, it helps to reduce pressure point so you can sleep pain-free.

The pillow is 28 inches wide; you have room to roll around from site to site without worrying about falling off your pillow. The microfiber pillow cover is removable. It will stay true to form no matter how many times you wash.

There are no chemicals that are hazardous to your health used when constructing the pillow.

One reviewer commented that she has high a show hernia as well suffers from acid reflux disease. Before getting the pillow, her torso was not adequately elevated, which kept bringing the acid back into her throat. Buying a wedge pillow was recommended to her by her internist. A friend suggested to her to buy the Medslant pillow, for which she is very grateful as it brought immediate relief to her.

Seven things to look for in a wedge pillow

  1. Wedge pillows come in both soft and firm foam. Make sure that the material is hypoallergenic, so you don’t get any reaction. A wedge pillow cover should be removable so you can wash it properly.
  2. Wedge pillows should have a reasonable degree of elevation. Pay attention to the type of degree you want; it’s not too high or not steep for you. The better the steep of the inclination, the higher the chances that it will relieve acid reflux. A wedge pillow that has a 30 to 45° inclination is the best.
  3. Many people sleep in many different ways. If you’re one of those people who sleep on your back, you’ll need a soft wedge pillow that will support your back. For those who side sleep, they will need a more firm pillow.
  4. Make sure to select a non-slip material. The worst thing you can have to happen to you is you’re having a profound sleep, and your pillow slips out from under you. There are a lot of materials out there that are very slippery, make sure the cover of your pillow is a material with a good grip.
  5. If you’re going to spend good money, make sure the durability of your wedge pillow is long-lasting. Although most of us don’t want to spend too much money, consider that this is a pillow that will help ease many health issues. The higher the quality, the better sleep you’ll get.
  6. When buying a wedge pillow, you will come across many sizes. For a single or small bed, you can usually buy single wedge pillows. For king and queen size beds, ensure that the wedge pillow will mostly cover the width of your bed.
  7. Any time you buy something that is going to help you with your health, primarily when you’re investing quite a bit of money, make sure it comes with the warranty. This way, if you’re not happy with what you’re purchasing, at least, you can return it.

Final words on best wedge pillows for acid reflux

In my experience with this type of pillow, I would say they are a significant investment, especially if you suffer from acid reflux disease, which I do. This pillow not only helps me with acid reflux but also has been an excellent pillow for the constant sniffles I get.

Wedge pillows for acid reflux are also great for pregnant women as well as those who are in post-surgery recovery. If you’re one of those people who love to read at night or watch some late-night TV, then this pillow will be precisely what you need.

Not only can you use them on your bed, but you can also use them on your couch. They are kid-friendly, so your kids can gain benefit from this type of pillow as well.

Before purchasing a wedge pillow, make sure to go over the seven things listed above in what to look for in a wedge pillow before purchasing.

Let me know in the comments below if you are a wedge pillow user or if you could find benefit in using a wedge pillow.

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  1. Thankfully I don’t snore nor suffer of acid reflux. But I have wanted a widget pillow for some time because I read quite a lot before going to sleep at evening and sometimes watch TV too, and I feel very uncomfortable doing it now with the pillow I have. So I think a 45 angle pillow would be just great.

  2. Once I discovered that widget pillows can help us with snoring problems I decided I would buy one. But first I wanted to research a bit about the different options available in the market. As always, you have a very good post on this topic. After taking a look at all these options I have decided that Bed Wedge Pillow 1.5 Inch Memory Foam Top is my best choice.

  3. What better way to watch a movie while on the bed than by using a wedge pillow. It makes the experience so much better. Of course, the acid reflux thing is also amazing and to me, that is just a bonus because I like these type of pillows because of how comfortable I can watch TV while on the bed. 

    They are kinda pricey but I guess for something with this quality and use it would be so worth it.

  4. Deep sleep is the natural desire of all people, and nothing is more annoying to me than the consequences of insomnia. I  found this wedge pillows for acid reflux to be very helpful and can help to get rid of my sleeping issues, improving my sleeping state. I got great points through your article, which is truly helpful to go for to get the best wedge pillow.

    I know now the material should be hypoallergenic and select a non-slip material as well.

    I like Relax Home Life wedge pillow because its material is dust mite resistant, and the cover is hypoallergenic and breathable, which is excellent for overheating as well as snoring issues. 

    I also went through Jagi’s Acid Relux article, which was really helpful for me to prevent the problem. I could totally benefit from it. 

    Thanks for providing the informative posts

    • Awesome that you found Jagi’s article helpful. Thanks for stopping by and you have made a great choice in your selection of the wedge pillow. 

  5. Great information here, Eric.  helped 

    I can actually see how these can be a benefit to those who snore or have a propensity for acid reflux.  My wife actually suffers from occasional reflux issues.  Last year we purchased a bed that we can raise or lower on both sides and it has really deal with my wife’s issue as well as cut down on our occasional snoring issues.

    Having read this, getting a wedge for our previous bed would have been a much cheaper option than what we paid for our current bed.  With the numerous options, we both could have had one to suit our individual needs.

    Although some are a bit pricy, (the way of foam products especially memory foam), I think the one that’s adjustable would have been the one for us.  Because it comes in two pieces, it gives one a couple of options.

    Just curious though.  When you first started using these wedge pillows was there an adjustment period getting used to them?


    • My wife bought it when they had recently come out due to spinal issues and surgeries; they were a bit pricier back then. The prices have dropped considerably as they are no longer a novelty, but more of a necessity. 

      When my wife started using the pillow, she didn’t feel like she needed to get used to it, it was a great help right away. Especially in the alignment of her spine. When the body is aligned correctly, which these pillows help with, the quality of sleep is improved drastically. 

  6. I just wish that I found this your post 3 weeks ago because my auntie, a back sleeper, was seriously searching for a pillow or some device that will create a gentle slope to help relieve issues with her acid reflux disease. This item will definitely take the pressure off her airways and guarantee a good night sleep. 

    I love your detailed information about the seven things to look for in a wedge pillow especially making sure that the base material is hypoallergenic. 

    I will forward this vital post straight away. 

    Thank you.

    • Having hypoallergenic qualities is very important for many nowadays. Thanks for the share. 

  7. One of those would be nice to have! I didn’t even think about the health benefits of a pillow, I always just thought about the comfort! Thank you for sharing! I need to look into getting one of these, my wife I’m sure would love it if it stops me snoring 😁

    • Yes, it’s great for people who snore. You will not regret your buy. 

  8. I’ve seen wedge pillows used in physical therapy and I know that they work for therapeutic purposes, so it makes sense that we would use them for domestic purposes as well. With so many uses, a wedge pillow is really a sound investment. I know some people who experience sleep apnea, and something like these could really prove invaluable. From your recommendations I really like the Avana Super Slant Bed Wedge Pillow with Bamboo Cover for across the bed and the Bed Wedge Pillow 1.5 Inch Memory Foam Top as a more portable wedge pillow. Memory foam is one of my favorite materials so this one is right up my alley. I’ll definitely be bookmarking your links for when it’s time for a new pillow or two and I’ll forward this along to some friends as well, great work!

    • Great choice you have made. My wife has been using one since she had cervical spinal surgeries. She loves her wedge pillow. 

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    it’s nice that you can put the wedge pillows at different angles to give you different comfortable positions. Thank you for this really thorough article about wedge pillows to help with acid reflux. Have a great day!

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 

  11. This is exactly what I was looking for, a pillow that helps Acid reflux. My mum suffers from acid reflux too often. I hope this pillow will help her feels better.

    I never know that sleeping on wedge pillow has many benefits. I think I will try one for myself.  I will use it to rest my knees because I stand long hours during work.

    Thank you for the information.

    • It works great for acid reflux. Thanks for stopping by. 

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    Thanks for sharing such an amazing and informative post about the 3 best wedge pillows for acid reflux. Actualy l never heard about the wedge pillows before. But reading your article I have known about it. By reading your post it is very clear to me that wedge pillows are very useful for heartburn. You have informed us that how they work for our health. I have read the features of wedge pillows. I could realise that these are really very beneficial for our health. I think I should get one as soon as possible. 

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    • Let me know how it goes, thanks for sharing this post. 

  13. Hello and thank you for this informative post.

    My husband suffers from acid reflux quite a bit, although it’s practically non-existent while we’re on our low-carb diet, and I suffer from clogged sinuses and supposedly snoring (but I never hear it).

    We have a Sleep Number bed, and it does wonders for us both, but we have the queen size which is an all-or-nothing adjustment solution vs the split king offering.  Because of this a wedge pillow might be the way to go when we need different settings.  Now I just have to figure out which one.

    Thanks again,


    • I have acid reflux as well, wedge pillows are great for that. All three are great. Thanks for stopping by. 

  14. Helloo

    First of all, I didn’t know that something like this even existed. I was just casually looking for solutions to back and neck pain due to wrong sleeping posture when I visited this site. I was literally blown away by the benefits that his pillow offers. I am a side sleeper and often my neck hurts when I wake up, so this is really going to help me. Also, my parents complain about back pain too, I am gonna buy one for them also. Thank you so much for this. 

    • Sounds great. Let me know how it goes.

  15. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know that wedge pillows even existed. I am so glad I found this. I have been struggling with neck pain for years now after sleeping on a normal pillow for some time. I am wondering if this is the possible solution to that. It’s also great because I am a back sleeper. My only concern is that sometimes I do turn over to my side during the night, but it seems that a wedge pillow would not really allow for that. Is there any type of happy medium that is provided for someone who likes to switch?

    • Yes, what pillows will help with neck pain as well with the alignment of the spine. They are great for back sleepers. They will work for the side as well. Thank you for stopping by.

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    When it comes to sleeping, I’m one of those individuals who can sleep on either side (right or left) or on my back – depending on how tired I am that night. The wedge pillow, in a firm foam, looks like something that would definitely provide the right angle and support for my neck and back for a good night sleep.
    Thanks for the helpful tips on this product!

    • Glad to have helped. They are definitely very popular among people. Thanks for stopping by.

  20. Thank you so much for your review! My husband gets a lot of acid reflux, especially at night. I have considered purchasing a wedge pillow for him but they never looked very comfortable. I was interested in the thought of putting the wedge under my knees to help with back pain- my problem at night. It is great that a wedge can help with both our problems! Will have to buy two of the individual sized ones.

    • Isn’t it great that wedge pillows can help with so much? Thanks for the comment. Wishing you all the best with you and your husband’s issues.

  21. I’m so glad I located this site!  I work in healthcare and have many patients asking where they can locate a good wedge pillow.  No one wants to buy a huge chunk of foam and bring out an electric carving knife and then try to cover the thing but you would be surprised at the number of people who feel this is their only option.

    You’ve outlined three very good options however, the wedge pillow by InteVision with the removeable neck pillow has my interest.  And, if any of these pillows can, in any measure, help with my husband’s snoring I’ll be visiting amazon soon! 

    • Yes, I tried many things to alleviate my heartburn with brick stacks and other such remedies, but the only thing which worked is the wedge pillow. Plus my pillow stays pretty cool all night, which is the case for all the pillows above.

  22. Oh my gosh.  I didn’t realize that doing some research on ways to naturally cure or minimize acid reflux for my mom would be so helpful to me.   Your article on the natural cures was great by the way.   I just noticed this article.  I saw that you mentioned that wedge pillow could help people suffering from acid reflux problems sleep better at night.  

    But I have been wanting to look into a wedge pillows to help improve my sleeping posture and reduce the back pain that I’ve been experiencing in the mornings.    Since I’ve not ever  purchased a wedge pillow before, I really appreciated the buying tips.  Thanks!  

    • Glad that this article was helpful to you. Thanks for your comment.


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