7 Best Rated Weighted Blankets For Anxiety And Insomnia – Top 2021 Review

Why get weighted blankets for anxiety and Insomnia?

Weighted blankets for anxiety and insomnia provide deep pressure stimulation which is similar to firm hands-on therapy. This helps people to reduce anxiety or insomnia with a drug-free solution. These blankets can be used for adults or children. They also help people who have restless leg syndrome or can’t sleep due to fidgeting.

The blankets will improve sleep by providing comfort as well as relaxation. They go around your body in a subtle hugging motion. It’s this security that prevents anxiety or the body from moving around aimlessly at night. Even when sleeping, we tend to deal with thoughts by our body, making unwanted movements.

Many people even report reduced pain from fibromyalgia as well as other pain-causing issues. At night is when we think over our day, the majority of the time we go over negative thinking. The negative thinking releases the stress-causing hormone called cortisol which causes moments of panic. These moments can have an unhealthy impact on our overall health.

Cortisol can cause:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • Diabetes
  • Heart attack

By using a weighted blanket, you will promote relaxation to lessen the cycle of cortisol release. When you reduce stress, your body will release feel-good hormones which can help to deal with stress causing issues.

Things You Need to Know About Weighted Blankets for Anxiety and Insomnia

The blankets are machine washable. But remember to wash them on a gentle cycle or hand wash. Make sure to keep pets away from the blanket to ensure your blanket is there for the long term. Keep sharp objects away from your blanket.

Due to the weights in the blanket, they are not recommended for children under 13 years of age.  The recommended blanket weight is 5-10% of your body weight.

Another thing that should come into play is that the blanket has breathable qualities while being able to offer comfort to both hot and cold sleepers. 100% cotton blankets usually have the breathability factor where polyester or synthetic fabric doesn’t provide that.

Some individuals may not be able to use the weighted blanket due to health issues; please speak with your doctor if you’re not sure about buying one. It may take a few days to get used to laying under a weighted blanket, but the common vote is that once you do, you will love it.

Now Onto The Review Of Weighted Blankets For Anxiety And Insomnia

1.    Platinum Health Premium Weighted Blanket

The Platinum Healthy premium weighted blanket offers extra comfort which generates into a soft, comfortable hug. People who suffer from anxiety or insomnia usually need a little extra pressure to stay in bed; this blanket provides the pressure without a feeling of suffocation.

It comes with a Minky cover which is smooth yet soft enough which leaves a gentle touch on the skin. It comes with two sides, one which is excellent for anxiety while the patterned side is for people who are fidgety or have a hard time falling asleep.  

The blanket does not appear like a therapeutic blanket, but more like a blanket that offers security to a person needing it most. You will find no bumps or lumps as each square is securely stitched to hold in the beads which add the weight to the blanket.

If you are one of those who have restless leg syndrome, then this blanket will help to calm that movement as well.

It has a 2 part construction which makes it easy to wash to extend the life of the blanket. The cover has a zipper for easy removal for washing. There will no need for you to wash the blanket itself, which will have your blanket lasting a long time.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied, the manufacturer offers a 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee.

2.    Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

This blanket weighs in at 15 lbs, but you will feel like you are comfortably wrapped in an oversized luxurious blanket. The blanket will provide security with its pressure, yet at no time will you feel trapped. Your sleep will not be disturbed, as soon as you slip underneath the blanket, you will find yourself casting away worries or concerns.

The pockets holding the beads are tightly stitched in for extra security to prevent the beads from leaking out. The weight is evenly distributed throughout the weighted blanket so that you will feel no lumps or bumps. It has unique calming abilities brought on by the deep pressure stimulation.

Beads in the blanket are made from nano-ceramic which has an overall cooling effect. The blanket is perfect for hot or cold sleepers. It comes with two covers, one for hots night while the other one is for cold nights. The covers are easy to remove for cleaning. The blanket has a long life so long as you maintain the cleanliness of the covers.

If you are unsatisfied with your blanket, you have a 100% money-back guarantee.

3.    Quility Premium Weighted Blanket

This blanket is Amazon’s number one seller. It has well over 9,000 reviews. Many of the customers who have bought blanket have reported an interrupted sleep throughout the night.

Once you get a good night, you will not feel the morning tiredness many feel when they have been awake. Which mostly happens due to a feeling of unease or body parts, not wanting to calm down. This blanket will even help your mind to feel at ease.

Many people report after using this blanket; they often wake up with less pain in their body, which is a benefit for those who suffer from chronic pain. The plus for this blanket is that it is noiseless, meaning once it helps you fall asleep, you will not be awakened with the beads moving around in the blanket.

The stitching is excellent without any chances of the blanket falling apart. It is a 7-layered blanket that is designed to offer supreme comfort. The manufacturer uses the highest quality to construct the blanket to ensure the longevity of it.

It is breathable, meaning you will not overheat and the outer layer is 100% cotton and is lined with polyester padding. In order to add weight to the blanket, there are over millions of micro-glass beads. But as said above the stitching is done well, this will prevent the beads from falling out.

There is a Minky cover included. You will never need to wash your blanket as the cover is easily removed for cleaning. The cover will add extra warmth in wintertime.

The blanket weighs in at 25 lbs, which will provide a warm, gentle hug so you can sleep all night long.

You are given a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if at any time the blanket doesn’t live up to your standards, you can return it.

4.    ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket

If you are a person who suffers from inflamed arthritis pain or has extreme anxiety, then you will definitely benefit from this 20 lbs blanket. If your body twitches or causes undue anxiety, then snuggling up in this blanket will have you sleeping all night long.

The fabric is very soft and luxurious next to the skin. Sleeping under this blanket causes no panic as it wraps around you like a gentle hug. You will find that this blanket will quickly replace all other blankets as it has both warm and cooling effects.

It’s breathability capabilities offers the comfort of effortlessly wicking away sweat while you have a great snooze. The quality of the stitching is excellent.

The blanket comes with an easily removable cover, creates an extra-long life for the blanket. It is two layers and is 100% breathable cotton. The microfiber helps the beads to stay in place without leaking out.  The beads themselves are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. The non-polyester glue padding keeps the beads from making noise if you move around during sleep.

It has an elegant look which can go with almost any décor.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied, the manufacturer will work with you to make sure you stay a happy customer, even if it means returning the blanket.

5.    CuteKing Cool Weighted Blanket

This blanket comes in at 15 lbs. It is excellent for people who have chronic pain or experience nervousness when going to bed. Nervousness could be due to anxiety or having to go down for the night, or other day time worries which keep you awake.

It is made of a high density of 100% cotton, which is breathable and durable. Meaning your blanket will last a long time. The tiny glass beads add weight and are sewn in tightly so you will have no worry about leakage issues.

You will experience no lumps as the beads are evenly disturbed throughout the blanket. It will not bunch up while you sleep. The extra layer of polyester will prevent tearing of the blanket. It also has non-glue polyester padding around the beads to provide extra comfort.

The cover is easy to remove for you to wash with ease. The blanket is 7-layered to provide temperature control for hot and cold days. If you are a hot sleeper or person who needs a little extra warmth at night, then this blanket will fill that need.

You will have 30 days to return this blanket if it does not work for you. The manufacturer also provides three years of mending services.

6.    Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket 

The blanket is 100% cotton, breathable with polyfill inside. It’s undeniably comfortable for people who fidget or have suffered from anxious thoughts. It weighs in at 15 lbs. The polyfill beads are sewn in with extra measurements taken to prevent them from leaking out.

When using this blanket, although it may seem cumbersome, in reality, it has no restrictions. You can quickly move around, yet the deep pressure stimulation will ensure that you are comfortable. Almost as though you are enveloped in a gentle hug.

The blanket is perfect for hot and cold sleepers. Tiny glass beads add weight but are sewn in tight to make sure that none leak out. By using this blanket, you will provide yourself a night of good sleep by keeping the pain or anxiety-riddled thoughts out of your mind. Even if you are sensitive to touch, you will find this blanket provide a gentleness, unlike other blankets that fall off easily when you are sleeping.

It is a noiseless blanket. I love that some reviewers share that it can help with tension, migraines as well with nightly ruminations of daily activities. This blanket is affordable, yet the qualities are phenomenal to get a good night’s sleep.

The polyfill is spread out, which means you will not experience lumps in your blanket. It will not bunch to one side, but rather it will keep hugging you all night long.

The manufacturer of the blanket provides a full and unconditional refund within 30 days.

7.    Kpblis Weighted Blanket

This blanket weighs 15 pounds which will help you be comfortable all night long. It is a 7-layered blanket that is designed with anxious people in mind. The advanced use of quilting will ensure that the beads do no leak out.

Upon the use of this blanket, you will find yourself falling asleep within 30 minutes where before it may have taken hours. With the gentle hug this blanket provides, you will find worry and anxiety leave your mind.

If you go on trips than you can pack the blanket in the cloth carrying case it comes with. This way you can have it with you at all times. Sometimes people experience anxiety sleeping away from there home, by having this blanket you know you have a piece of home with you.

The blanket is meant for cold sleepers. So those who sleep hot may not benefit as much. Its silky touch will lull you in dreamland while encouraging a more profound, fulfilled sleep.

Another great benefit is that if you have insomnia, this blanket has you covered there as well by providing deep pressure stimulation. The pressure is gentle, yet reassuring like a huge hug.

The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty.

Some Final Words

Weighted blankets for anxiety and insomnia are great for those who feel there sleep is being disturbed. By getting the proper sleep, will help you have better decisions making skills as well as faster response time.

Stress is a massive cause for many issues, by getting a weighted blanket, you can cut out stress, which then helps with all other issues.

Share in thoughts below how you feel about weighted blankets for anxiety and insomnia.

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  1. Your days tend to be as good as it was the night before it. I’ve been a user of Weighted Blankets since several years ago, I discovered them looking for a way to mitigate insomnia back then.

    Cotton blankets are my favorite ones. They are available in many materials but even though all of them could be functional, the cotton ones are (in my opinion) the most comfortable and practical. Being noiseless provides an added value when sharing your bed.

    Thanks for delivering a great review on this subject.

    • Weighted blankets are great for anyone. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wow …

    I have just come across your site because of my recent struggles with insomnia.  I have always slightly suffered from it and have looked at therapeutic methods of relieving stress etc but never realised there was actually blankets out there that could help.

    With covid-19, my insomnia and anxiety has increased tenfold. Lack of family contact and financial issues have all been playing on mind and I needed to look for something to calm me down.

    As I said, financially I am struggling at the moment and your site doesn’t give prices directly. But I will be having a deeper look and hopefully finding the right blanket for my budget etc.

    • Thanks for sharing your words and stay safe.

  3. During normal work days in which we arrive home really tired, it’s not difficult to fall a sleep as soon as we touch our beds.

    But during this quarantine, I find myself restless at night. It has already been three weeks in this condition. And I have been advice to check some weight blankets to see if they help me to sleep better at night.

    I checked the list and I think your third option is for me. Best seller on Amazon and those that have bought it report interrupted sleep.

  4. Being stuck at home during this pandemic has given me time to explore different interests.   I was very pleasantly surprised to come across your site.   This is a very stressful time and my anxiety levels are definitely higher than normal.   Been having trouble even sleeping and when I do my dreams are very busy.   I would just like to able to relax in spite of what is going on currently.    I have heard of weighted blankets but wasn’t really sure until I read you post what they were all about. 

    I was definitely surprised to see that some of the blanket’s you reviewed had a cooling effect.  I was extremely surprised by the price of the ones that you reviewed.  The blankets you reviewed seem to be well within reach of my budget.     My wife and I sleep on a King Size bed – what are your thoughts on either getting one large blanket to cover both or two smaller blankets one for each of us?

    • Anxiety blankets are beneficial when used depending upon your body weight. It would probably make better sense to get two, as each blanket may need to have a different weight. The better suited the weighted blanket is to your needs, the more anxiety relief you will receive.

  5. I just love the huggy feeling the weighted blanket provides. I am having trouble sleeping of late as I find myself still awake 2 hours later in my bed. The Platinum Healthy Premium blanket looks like the real deal. I love its wide range of colors and that it has the ability to sooth both the anxious and the insomniac people. The ability to wash the covers alone is a great plus. I wouldn’t want to wash the entire blanket and wait for hours for it do dry. These are really great suggestions for the weighted blankets. Thank you for taking your time to research this. Very useful information.

    • Great choice with the Platinum Healthy Premium Blanket, it fills all the needs an insomniac or anxious person would need. Thanks for stopping by. 

  6. I first came across weighted blankets not so long ago when I was reading about weighted blankets that are cool. I didn’t know whether there be any weighted blankets ever. Anyways I have been quite concerned about how much weighted blankets will cost me when they are being sold in the local stores. Currently I checked one of the blankets and even though the price is quite okay the shipping cost fee is double the price probably because of where I live, I’m still stick on where I’ll find weighted blankets this summer.

    • Once you get one it will last 5+ years, so an investment right now will have great payoffs.

  7. The very fact that we have all these options to choose from is a blessing, although it’s my first time to hear the term weighted blankets. With the climate changes these days, in my area, nights are really getting sleepless. One of these weighted blankets is much needed. For me, I found it hard to get along with cold, also for the added advantage of comfort. Thanks.

    • Awesome! Thanks for stopping by. 

  8. Oh, good list on some perfect blankets here. I have never given weighted blankets angry before but having read this post, I think that I should get one because I get anxiety some times especially at night and since this weighted blankets are proven to help with the problem, degrees of comfort blanket is the one I am leaning towards. How long though does it take a sighted blanket to wear out and tear and how do you recommend they should be washed?

    • The blankets can last a long time as long as they are taken care of. You can get cleaned professionally or throw them into your washer and dryer while following the labels on the blanket. 

  9. Hello Eric, thank you for sharing this post here. I have heard about weighted blankets but I didn’t

    know that it could help me with my sleeping disorders. That’s a very good thing for me right now because I have been having a hard time getting good sleep and although I take medications, they do have a very bad side effect on me so I was searching for a better option until I found your post. The cuteking is my pick from your list here. I’ll be back with my feedback. Thanks!

    • Great! Thanks for stopping by. 

  10. HI,

    I have a question about the ‘Quility Premium Weighted Blanket’ which you’ve described as Amazon’s number one seller.

    I note that the blanket is breathable (to prevent overheating) and made from millions of micro-glass beads. My problem is that I live in a very warm and humid climate that rarely calls for a blanket. Do you think this blanket will work under those circumstances?



    • Since the blanket prevents overheating by wicking away sweat, it would be a great blanket to use. But if your climate calls for no blanket, it would still be a great blanket to have underneath you to keep you cool. 

  11. Thank you so much for this nice and informative article. This content will go a long way to help those struggling with insomnia and anxiety, from your review I think I will go with the Platinum Health Premium Weighted Blanket because of it features and the comfort it provides. I will surely share your post to some of my friends who may find it helpful. 

    • Great choice in blanket. Thanks for stopping by. 

  12. Great post about a weighted blanket for anxiety and insomnia.As I work a Health Care worker I seen people who suffered anxiety and insomnia in my day to day life. I see every day how hard to live with this problem for those who have this problem as well as for the family member. Although I have heard about this product the first time I am sure this will definitely help them.

    • Great you found something useful here for your clients. Thanks for stopping by. 

  13. I might have to actually invest in one of these. While I don’t have trouble falling asleep these days unlike in the past, I do tend to wake up, toss, and turn all night long, which has become a constant. I always look at buyer reviews first to get a good idea on what I’m investing in then go from there. The one that has over 9,000 reviews on Amazon would pique my interest alone for the fact its been tried and true. 

    • These blankets are great, especially for those who toss and turn while sleep seems far away. I agree with reading the reviews, they seem to offer the most insight. 

  14. I’ve been looking at these on and off for a while now, so really appreciate your in-depth review. I’ve been a fairly poor sleeper for most of my adult life for reasons that are probably stress-related so this sort of blanket does sound like just the thing for me. My potential problem with these blankets is that I am a very warm sleeper, preferring just a sheet for most of the year because I find even the thinnest quilt unbearably warm except in winter. Therefore I thank you for finding the Degrees of Comfort blanket which says it has a cooling effect – that’s one I hadn’t come across and will seriously consider.

    • Great choice. Here’s hoping to some great sleep. 

  15. I love this article, it really interesting reading through. Weighted blankets helps to reduce anxiety and insomnia, and this Is a drug free way. It will improve sleep, provide comfort and help you relax well. The amazing thing is that this weighted blanket has breathable qualities as it offers comfort to both hot and cold sleepers. I like the CuteKing Cool Weighted Blanket and I think I’ll get one. Thanks for this post, I’ve learnt new things and I’m excited about it.

    • Here to hoping some great sleep for you, and you’ve made an excellent selection. Thanks for stopping by. 

  16. Hello Eric, thanks for bringing these wonderful suggestions to us. I have had issues with anxiety and arthritis for quite some time now and I am really fed up when it comes to taking drugs because they are already showing some bad side effects which I really can’t bear. I believe getting the ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket would help out with these problems. I’ll make sure i get one for myself and hopefully it will do the trick.

    • Seems like you are making a great choice. Thanks for stopping and commenting. 

  17. I’m not sure I have ever heard of weighted blankets being used for anxiety, but it absolutely makes sense. I know that there are times when I am stressed out or anxious about something, I like something of weight on me. Whether that is an object or even one of my kids sitting on my back while we are playing, it gives me a sense of comfort and security. I guess it is the same concept with these blankets. 

    Thanks for writing the post and and opening my eyes to this really awesome tool!

    • Awesome that you enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping by. 


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