17 (Amazing) Weird Facts About Sleeping – Interesting, True, Important!

The weird facts about sleeping that I share today will affect almost everyone at one time or another. We, as humans, are creatures of habit, and some sleep facts are hard to change. Although I have to say some sleep facts should remain, the scary ones should make you want to change them.

Since we spend a fair bit amount of time sleeping, in my opinion, most would benefit from learning about the weird facts about sleeping.

Below Are The Jaw-Dropping Weird Facts About Sleeping

1. We Spend 1/3 Of Our Life In Bed

Since we spend so much time sleeping, we should make sure the mattress we have is the best one. Otherwise, that part of life gets pretty tough, especially if you have back pain problems.

This is our sanctuary, a place we retreat to when we have to lick our wounds or rest after a long day. Make the best use of the space by carving out your Zen place to sleep.

2. Pain Tolerance Decreases If We Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Loss of sleep has many side effects, the top one being low tolerance to pain. In recent studies, scientists have found losing sleep disrupts the body’s natural pain signaling system. Therefore our sensitivity to pain gets heightened.

Many now believe this is when chronic pain starts. But if you were to start getting proper sleep, pain inflammation could be reduced.

If pain is an issue for you, buy some suitable Epsom salts.

3. Because Of Altitude People Have A Hard Time Falling Asleep On An Airplane

As a plane gets higher into the sky, oxygen levels get decreased. When our muscles don’t get the oxygen they need, they have a hard time relaxing. 

Have you ever noticed when you take in a deep breath and release, how relaxed your muscles get? This doesn’t happen at higher altitudes.

The lack of oxygen sets of unnatural breathing patterns, which causes nausea in some while others may faint. The best thing you can when going on long flights is to get good melatonin drops, which will make the flight more comfortable, as well by the time you land you will be rested and ready to explore.

4. Unlike Animals Humans Willingly Delay Sleepanimals will not delay there sleep

If you are dog or cat owner, you’ll notice that they can plop down anywhere to get there full rest. So can most of the other animals.

But we as humans are always trying to watch the last 5 minutes of the show or get so profoundly lost into social media that our bedtime sneaks by.

I include myself in this too, there are times where I know I have to be up in the morning, yet I am still awake at 2 am. All because there was a movie I had to watch.

5. Better Sleep Leads To Better Weight Loss

Most of us make good choices when our brain feels refreshed. When we lack sleep, we automatically reach for feel-good foods. Usually, feel-good foods are unhealthy.

Our reaction times slow down, the reaction could be that critical second where we could stop ourselves from eating food which is known to cause weight gain.

Our reaction time doesn’t only pertain to eating, but it can also affect our daily crucial decisions we make which may affect us directly or indirectly.

6. Our Body Is Meant To Sleep In The Dark, It Will Never Get Used Shift Work

I agree that when we work, there really isn’t much choice in how our hours are allocated unless you own your own business or the business hours are limited to daytime hours.

Shift work messes with our circadian rhythm. According to a study, long works hours, which run into nighttime light exposure, cause certain psychological factors to take place. 

The misalignment between our biological clock of the sleep/wake cycle is perhaps best represented by increased work injuries and accidents.

Blackout curtains could be the answer to help you get to sleep when there is light outside.

7. A Full Moon Will Rob You Of Sleepfull moon stops sleep

The study done by the University of Basil indicates that a full moon will delay a good night’s sleep. Since we are meant to sleep in the dark, the full moon lights up the whole sky, which causes our sleep to be disrupted.

According to the study, our brain activity in areas related to sleep drops by 30%. Also, people take an extra five minutes to fall asleep. With both of these activities taking place, we end up getting 20 minutes of less sleep. 

8. 90% Of  Our Dream Is Lost Upon Awakening

Dreaming can be fun and exciting; it’s where everything is possible. But 5 minutes after you wake up, the great adventure is over.


Because you will only remember 90% of your dream, now if you want to make it a habit of remembering your dream, then a dream journal by your bedside is a great thing to have.

It’s a known fact that people who write down their dreams have better dream recall. Not only will you recall your dreams, but you may also start to see a theme that will help you work out what your dream is trying to tell you.

9. Men And Women Have Different Sleep Patterns

Women’s internal clock is one hour ahead of men, which makes them fall asleep earlier as well wake up earlier than men. Most women are up before the light shines through, while men wake up when the light is peeking through.

When women go to sleep, they tend to sleep deeper than men, which can account for their circadian clock, waking them up early. But they are more vulnerable to sleep issues than men as well as the risk that comes from sleep disorders.

According to this study, women can perform better than men, even with less sleep than them. They also bounce back with efficiency once they get restorative sleep.

Research also suggests that women who are ill will get less sleep than men, which can be detrimental to their overall health by making their recovery time slower. Men can recover from an illness faster because they get their full rest.

10. 12% Of People Will Only Dream In Black And White

Some people’s feelings tend to color their dreams. Usually, when we dream, we are trying to work out issues that may have taken place during the daytime. If the feelings are dark, then the dreamer dream will dream in dark colors.

Back when TVs were black and white, more dreamers dreamed without color. In our dreams, black usually indicates mystery, which is something we are trying to work out. Since white is the polar opposite of black, it signifies a mystery may have been solved within our subconscious.

When these two colors run parallel together, meaning both colors are present, it tends to indicate you have the question and answer already at hand.

11. 1 Out 4 Couples Sleep In Separate Beds

Why do couples sleep in separate beds?

Personally, for my husband and me, we sleep in separate beds because I get up a lot as well; he talks and acts out his dreams. This gets pretty scary sometimes.

Although there are psychological benefits of sleeping with your spouse, sometimes the disruptive ones can lead to sleep deprivation. Being sleep deprived can cause illness and all sorts of other issues.

There is thought that the number of couples who sleep separate may be higher, but people are hesitant to share this due to being whispered about.

12. People Who Earn More Money Sleep Better

These people have a great understanding that the more you sleep, the better decisions you will make on how to earn more money. Their sleep is very crucial to them. 

People who make less money often have brain stress about making bill payments as well as having a place to live or grocery on the table.

While those who earn good money don’t have these worries. They are hyper-focused on making their wealthy grow. But also know that getting good sleep is what will help them be on par with their day.

13. Unresolved Emotional Issues Lead To Nightmaresunusual facts about sleeping nightmare

When we suppress our thoughts, they usually have a sneaky way of making their way into our dreams. Our brain is a fantastic example of muscle. What you put into is exactly what you are going to get back.  

If you are going to bed with negative thoughts or doing a play by play of went wrong, your brain will bring that back you in the form of a nightmare. These thoughts get recycled all night long, hence the dream after dream of scary stuff happening.

Having recurring nightmares leads to anxiety and insomnia. Both of which hinder sleep.

14. We Need Our Room To Be Cool To Fall Asleep

Have you ever tried sleeping in a room that is heated up to the max or in hot summer months?

Not so easy, right!

Most hot sleepers buy weighted cooling blankets to combat this type of temperature. Sleeping in cool conditions not only makes it easy to fall asleep, but there are also many benefits to be gained.

Benefits of sleeping in a cool room can be:

  • Increasing your metabolism
  • Lower your risk of disease
  • Decrease Insomnia
  • You get a better quality of sleep

These are just a few of the benefits; there are many more you will notice once you start sleeping in cooler temperatures.

15. Lack Of Sleep Is Like Being Drunk

When we lack sleep, our mind makes decisions as though we can’t think straight. The same thing happens after drinking alcohol. Our decision-making skills take a back seat, while the extra positive jumps to the front. Not always a good thing.

Yes, we need to remain positive, but when people are drunk, they tend to be a little more emotional and too positive, which hinders the type of decisions they make. Such as driving when they shouldn’t be.

The same thing happens when we lack sleep. Our brain can’t comprehend what decisions are being made because it is too tired.

16. Social Media Has Thrown Off Our Sleep Cycle

I know there are many times where I get sucked into Instagram or some other social media channel. By the time I realize it, it’s already way past my bedtime

This happens more often for teenagers than for adults. Many young ones are still deciding what they want to do or who they want to follow. These teenagers are still trying to figure out who they are, but then they see these perfect lives of others.

This severely affects their sleep, not only do they start watching something which runs late into their sleep time, but it also causes stress or anxiety of not having what others have. This leads to their sleep cycle going out of sync.

17. Creative People Will Sleep More, But It Will Be A Disturbing Sleep

A sleep study found that creative people have more sleeping hours, but usually, these hours are filled with disruption as well bring chaos into their daytime hours.

Their sleep is disturbed because they have way too many ideas running through their heads and not enough time to put those ideas into play. This leads to stress, which leads to nightmares.

Conclusion About  Weird Facts About Sleeping 

Did you find yourself nodding your head about any of these weird facts about sleeping? If yes, you are not alone. Most people will agree that their life has been impacted at least once in their lifetime by one of these facts.

Although we will never truly learn what needs to be learned about sleep and how it impacts our daily life, it definitely helps to have the upper hand on some weird sleeping facts.

Share in the comments below if you have ever experienced any of these weird facts about sleeping.

16 thoughts on “17 (Amazing) Weird Facts About Sleeping – Interesting, True, Important!”

  1. I found this article extremely fascinating. Sleeping is a universal experience and the fact that we spend a large chunk of our lives doing it, yet remain unconscious through it makes it very mysterious. I know that when I don’t get a good night’s sleep I feel pretty crappy through the next day, but I didn’t know all the profound effects that sleeping has on our waking lives. What an eye opener (no pun intended). 

    I spend a fair amount of time on airplanes because of my job so I will be sure to try melatonin drops. Thanks for all the useful information and sleeping tips. A good night’s sleep is something everyone needs.


    • Good night sleeps makes all the difference in how our day will turn out. 

  2. Oh wow! I wasn’t aware that a full moon may prevent you from having a peaceful night rest. Though, when you mentioned the amount of dreams we remember, that is actually something that happens to me all the time. Whenever I had a nice-important dream, I used to write it down on my phone nótes. To this day, I still remember some dreams – and nightmares as well – that I never actually wrote down. I suffer from severe depression and insomnia so about 99% of my time I spend it in my bed. There were some facts that I wasn’t aware of, so I’m reallt thankful i came along this article! 

    • Great, thanks for stopping by.

  3. I did not know that a good nights sleep can help you lose weight

    I hate when I don’t get a good sleep, the next day I can not think straight

    I use a memory foam mattress, they are the very very BEST

    so people who have money sleep better, yea, I can agree with that

    Yes, women do have a different sleep cycle, I noticed that with my wife.  she is asleep by 8am many times, in a deep sleep

  4. I never would have thought that there were 17 reasons why sleep isn’t working out.  My wife is never caught up on sleep as we have two kids that never seem to sleep through the night.  I don’t hear them as I could sleep as a train would pass by my head but she wakes up if the wind blows to loud.  We have been looking at new and different ways to help with this as she has been out of it because of the lack of sleep.  I am so happy to have found this site with all of the options to help better her sleep and maybe the kids sleep also.  Thank you for the great info.


    • Kids can make it hard to sleep for sure. I know my four were not easy when it came to bedtime. Sleep deprivation was real.

  5. For me there is nothing better than collapsing into a super comfortable bed after a days work.  I have recently, however, been looking for a new mattress because I have not been sleeping well at all over the past few weeks.  I suffer terribly from arthritis in the hip, which consequently affects my lower back and knee.  

    Sleep deprivation is something that could quite easily push me over the edge.  I am so grumpy, irritable and exhausted after a bad night’s sleep, so I have to get that mattress sorted out as soon as possible.  In your opinion, do you think memory foam is good?  I am not sure what to get.

    My partner and I also have separate beds.  I believe I move about constantly in my sleep, and my snoring does not help either which obviously results in a very restless night for my partner.  The change has been good for the both of us.

    I will certainly be back for more tips.  

    Kind regards,


    • Sleeping separate to get some sleep is okay. Thanks for stopping by 

  6. This is rather an interesting one you have written here about sleeping facts. The one that grabbed my attention the most is on dreaming in black and white. No wonder only 12% people do otherwise I would have thought no one dreams in black and white :). Thank you for this great article, I thoroughly enjoyed the read.

  7. These are very interesting information! I personally have experienced many of these, including that I get very moody when I’m sleepy. I work nights and can definitely agree with the fact that it is more difficult to sleep when the sun comes up. The neighbor next door that blows leaves early in the morning doesn’t help either! Thank you for the interesting article! 

    • Great! Thanks for the comment.

  8. Wow, it’s a very good thing to learn all this whole new stuff about sleeping. To be honest it is very nice to see that there is a whole lot of myth that surrounds sleeping. It is really beautiful to learn that our dreams might be speaking to us and I think I need to get that journal you spoke about here. I’m very sure it will help me remember my dreams more often. I have learnt today. Thank you.


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