6 Best Wireless Headband Headphones For Sleeping In 2021

Wireless headband headphones for sleeping are becoming very popular, primarily due to the versatility of being able to use them for sleeping or working out. But another benefit is that they are wireless, which offers freedom to the user.

Being a light sleeper, I know how important it is to be able to cut out external noise. There many people out there who have difficulties when trying to sleep. It could be that your partner snores, loud noises coming from outside, or your pet barking up a storm. Getting good shut-eye is essential to making better decisions during the day.

In the old days, people wore bulky headphones, which were hard to use when lying on their side. A considerable improvement has come out with headband headphones that are comfortable and convenient in any sleeping position. These headphones are made of soft fabric and embedded with Bluetooth technology, so there is no need to worry about wires while you sleep or workout.

What Are Wireless Headband Headphones

Wireless headband headphones are headphones that you can connect to any Bluetooth device. They are versatile enough to use when sleeping, working out, or when you want some peace and quiet for storytime. Wireless headband headphones fit around your head like a headband; they are not bulky and have super thin speakers which prevent sleep disruption when sleeping on your side.

Our Review Of Wireless Headband Headphones For Sleeping

1.     AMUOUZI Wireless BluetoothWireless Headband Headphones For Sleeping - amuozi headphones

These headphones are fabulous for people who want to sleep and meditate. The eye mask will help to darken the room for a more enhanced experience. You can adjust them to fit you, with the capability of having a customized use.

They are great for travel on planes when you want to get sleep without resorting to over-the-counter sleep aids, which can have you waking up groggy. It’s also Bluetooth fitted so that you can connect it to any of your devices.

The headphones are made with ten layers of thick Roman knitting interior lining. Against your skin, it’s smooth and soft. Your sleep will be uninterrupted. The cable charge takes 2.5 hours and will provide 5-8 hours of playtime.

2.     MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Wireless Headband Headphones For Sleeping - musicozy headphones

These headphones have an excellent sound quality which is preferable for sleeping at night. They are accessorized with V5.0 Bluetooth technology. The mask will fit over most sizes.

They charge in 1 hour, and the charge lasts for 10 hours of playing time which is excellent as most of us sleep 7-9 hours at night. Once the battery runs out, it does not beep, which can cause sleep interruption.

There is no pressure on your eyes or around your head as it fits snugly without you feeling constricted. The mask is made of premium memory foam with silk lining, which will feel smooth against your skin. Its noise-canceling capability will help to block out outside noises that can interfere with sleep. You can take them with you when traveling.

3.     TOPOINT Wireless Sleep HeadphonesWireless Headband Headphones For Sleeping - ToPoint Headphones

These wireless sleep headphones are fabulous for when you are running or exercising as well. The Bluetooth headband is great for those who want to experience sleeping without worrying about any extra attachments. You will get a deep, profound sleep while listening to gentle music.

The headphones have a wireless range of 45 feet; charging time can take up to 2 hours. The charge will last for 10 hours, enough for a good night’s sleep.

Its soft material will feel luxurious without any added pressure on your head. While in use, you are the only one who can hear the sounds; if you have a partner, they will not be disturbed by sounds coming from the headphones. Another great benefit is that they offer hypoallergenic protection.

4.     Lavince Sleep HeadphonesWireless Headband Headphones For Sleeping - Lavince Headphones

These headphones offer the benefit of being 2 in 1. They are not only for listening to music but also come with a microphone if you are afraid of missing calls. They are perfect for those times when sleeping near a person who snores or is just generally loud when you want to sleep.

They come with a LiPO rechargeable battery, no need to worry about the extra cost of storing batteries in your home. With 2 hours of charging and 10 hours of playtime, you are ready to sleep until feeling fully rested while soft white noise or music enhances your sleep time.

Speaker thickness is 0.25 inches, perfectly comfortable for all-night wear. There will be no uncomfortable feeling around your ears. The headphones will also block unwanted outside noises. You can even lay on your side without discomfort to your ears. The material is breathable, which helps to prevent sweat from developing.

5.     MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Wireless Headband Headphones For Sleeping - Musicozy Headphones

Some people like to sleep sweat-free as well as wake up with a nice head of hair. These non-painful sleep headphones are perfect for sleeping as well as keeping your hair in place. Many people have stated they enjoy listening to audiobooks without having to worry about external noises interrupting their sleep.

The headphones are lightweight but offer updated technology so that you can hook them up to any Bluetooth device. The sound definition is excellent for those who need to be able to hear sounds without fuzziness.

You will also be happy to know that the headphones are waterproof, so no worry about sweat damage. They are portable and great for traveling, working out, or listening to quality music sounds. You can charge them for 2 hours and playtime is up to 10 hours.

6.     Lightimetunnel Sleep Headphones

Wireless Headband Headphones For Sleeping - Lightimetunnel HeadphonesThese comfortable headphones offer thin speakers, which will not disturb your sleep or workout. You can enjoy your music with ease, knowing the built-in microphone will keep you connected. By removing the Bluetooth control, you can wash the headphones to keep them smelling fresh.

The mesh used to protect the headphones is soft and wearable for extended times. You will not feel any pressure on your ears or head when lying down. Side sleepers will appreciate these headphones; they are convenient for the fussy sleeper who doesn’t like external noise interruptions.

Connection is always stable, so you won’t miss out on any music or storytime during sleep or working out. Charge time is 2 ½ hours, and playtime is 8 hours. But you also get a 1-year warranty as well as a 30-day refund.

The next two are bonuses for those who don’t want wireless headband headphones for sleeping.

7.     Tribit Active Wireless HeadphonesWireless Headband Headphones For Sleeping - Tribit Headphones

These wireless headphones don’t come in a headband but are sweat and water-resistant. So if you have moisture collect in your ears, they will still remain clean. You can use them for sleep or working out. It has the latest dual-core Bluetooth 5.0 chip which helps the sound to be very clear.

The headphones come with soft ear tips which provide comfort during wear. There are five silicone ear tips you can choose from. They only take 1.5 hours to charge because of the fast charger that comes with the package.

You can switch them to noise-canceling; the smart touch control puts you in charge of how loud or low you want the headphones to be. The earbuds are modern-looking with an elegant style. The total playtime is with the ANC off is 10 hours with a single charge, 30 hours of playtime with the charging case. With the ANC on, you will get 8 hours with a single charge and 24 hours with the charging case.

8.     MAXROCK Wireless Sleeping Headphones

Wireless Headband Headphones For Sleeping - Maxrock HeadphonesThe MaxRock wireless headphones offer another option instead of wireless headband headphones. They are soft and flexible due to their construction from silicone. Their ergonomic neckband design will curve with any sleeping position.

Background noise will not be an issue as they isolate all other noise except what you listen to. This means if you sleep with a partner who snores, it will not bother you; instead, you can sleep soundly without interruption.

They are designed with Bluetooth 4.1 technology; you can hook them up to any of your Bluetooth-compatible gadgets. Charging them takes about 40 minutes, and their playtime is 6 hours. You are well protected when investing in these wireless headphones; you will get a three-month replacement or return.

Benefits Of Using Wireless Headband Headphones

Below we will share with you the benefits of using wireless headband headphones:

  • Versatile and travel friendly
  • Can use for working out or sleeping
  • Noise filters keep out external noises
  • Thin speakers for different sleeping positions
  • Removable speakers to wash the headband
  • Snug fit without pressure to the head
  • Able to use with all Bluetooth devices
  • No worry about tangling up in wires
  • The charge can last up to 10 hours

Considerations When Buying Wireless Headband Headphones

When making a purchase that is going to used when you need rest most, there a few considerations you need to take in:

  • The headband should be made of soft, breathable fabric that is gentle for your skin
  • Battery life is more than 6 hours and is rechargeable
  • Easy maintenance of headband headphones

Some Final Thoughts

Although there are various choices available when purchasing wireless headband headphones for sleeping, some will be better than others. You will need to determine your suitability for headphones fit your need best.

We have done our best to bring the best-rated wireless headband headphones which can fit your sleeping needs. But at the end of the day, you are the one who is going to wear them, be it for sleep or when working out. Making the best choice while factoring in sleeping positions will help you get the best purchase possible.

Share in the comments below what you do to cancel out outside noises when going to bed.


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  1. Thank you very much for reviewing all these options for us. I think that my best choice is Lavince sleep headphones. The LiPO rechargeable battery is great.

    I like to listen to audiobooks during the day and soft music at night. I can’t live without headphones. So, for sleeping I need ones.

    • Glad you found this review helpful. Listening to audiobooks is great for story time. 


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