Zen Your Bedroom – 10 Inexpensive Products Ideas That Will Relax You

Why should you Zen your bedroom?

Life often gets busy. Most people need to make a getaway to a place where they can find peace and have an escape from the daily grind. One of the most sought out places that we all make our getaway to is our bedroom.

When you Zen your bedroom, you create a sanctuary with simplicity. This helps to create harmony, balance as well as introduce relaxation. Having a tranquil getaway is quite possibly the best de-stressor you can give yourself.

How Should You Zen Your Bedroom

Minimalist Approach – when focusing on the decor of your bedroom, go for simple, clean designs. Staying away from the traditional bed frames choose platform beds with storage, as this will help to keep your room to a minimum amount of furniture that might be required for storing clothes and such. When you decorate your bedroom, choose items that have special meaning to you.

Go With Memory Foam Bedding – when focusing on how to zen your bedroom, don’t forget to focus on your mattress as well as your pillow. Both of these will need to be ultra-comfortable as well as providing coziness. After a long day of work sleeping on a memory foam mattress will help you to be rid of the pain. Read my posts on memory foam mattress as well as memory foam hypoallergenic pillows to get ideas on what is out there.

Let Light Be Soft And Natural – there are times where you will often exert much energy, that when you go home, you will be low on energy. This is the time when many people can be prone to sadness. It’s a great time to get a soft light therapy box in your bedroom that will take away any unnecessary sadness. 

Zen Your Bedroom Products Review

1.  Japanese Oriental Style Duvet Quilt Cover

The Japanese Oriental style duvet quilt cover according to one reviewer is wrinkle-resistant, with a smooth finish, is of excellent quality. 

This duvet cover is 100% cotton with elegance takes its design inspiration from cherry blossoms. The charcoal background helps the print to stand out with distinction.

It comes with a storage bag to the store the duvet away when not in use. The 300 thread count keeps it feeling smooth yet helping to maintain its long-lasting qualities.

Also included are pillowcases. The duvet cover has a concealed ties and button closures to keep the comforter cover in place.

2.  Zen Bamboo Luxury Hypoallergenic Bed Sheets

Zen Bamboo luxury hypoallergenic bed sheets are 40% rayon derived from Bamboo, while the other 60% is microfiber. These bedsheets are great for people who like to have temperature adjusting sheets. If you are a hot sleeper, they will keep you cool, but if you are cold at night, they will heat your body up.

You will receive a 4-piece sheet set. They are incredibly luxurious, one reviewer commented the sheets are soft, comfortable while being moderately priced. They have washed them many times, but yet the sheets don’t show any sign of wear and tear. 

The sheets are hypoallergenic, as well as dust mite resistant. They are perfect for those who suffer from bedtime allergens in their bedroom. You will not have to worry about wrinkles or having to iron your bedsheets.

These bedsheets are easy to care for. You can wash and dry them by machine. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days.

3.  Sunrise Simulation Wake- Up Light

Sunrise simulation wake-up light comes with soft nature sounds. The sunrise simulation is soft and helps the morning riser wake up gently. You can set the lighting time as well as the brightness to suit your needs.

It is a user-friendly wake-up light; you will not have to mess around with the settings. It is also a clock radio which offers up to 40 channels. You can also set the radio to alarm and sleep aid sound.

The wake-up light has seven different colors for you to choose from; each can be set at 20 different brightness settings. It also has various natural sounds for the alarm clock. The wake-up light also has an extra USB port where you can charge your phone.

Not only will it wake you up, but you can also use the light to read at night without worrying about having to get up to turn off the light.

A review that stands out states that the wake-up light always comes on in the morning without fail. This product will be perfect for anyone wanting a sunrise stimulation with cool lights and gentle sounds.

4.  ZEEFO Simple Bedside Desk Lamp

zen your bedroom

ZEEFO Simple bedside desk lamp has a reviewer raving about it, “love, love, love this lamp. The lamp is a perfect size for the side table. It emits a warm glow, which is perfect for relaxation as well as reading before bed.”

The lamp shape is beautifully illuminated with a MAX60 watt bulb. It’s a minimalist Japanese-style tatami end table lamp. This lamp will help to add soft and gentle warmth to your room.

Sometimes our bed area has no outlet close by, but you don’t have to worry as the cord for this lamp is 5.24ft long. The light is soft and stable, with no worries about flickering light.

It’s a beautiful and simple yet elegant design. The lamp will add an ambiance of relaxation to any room it is used in.

Length is 6.50 inches, with the height being 6.50 inches. The base color is black, while the material used is wood and linen.

5.  URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

URPOWER essential oil diffuser has an aromatherapy function, which means you can put essential oils into it for a more relaxed scented bedroom. It is ultra-quiet, which will help you get a deep sleep.

The diffuser can run up to 15 hours on low mist, plus you can use it as a humidifier for keeping lungs, nose, and chest congestion free. It can hold 400ml of water. Not only will it keep you congestion-free, but your skin will remain moisturized.

It has 4 different timer settings as well; you can change the mist mode. Running time for high mist is 1-6 hours, while the low mist can be run for 10-15 hours.

This diffuser will automatically turn off after the water runs out. So no need to worry about having to get up from a night of deep sleep to turn it off.

Just remember never to add more water than recommended and clean it at least once a week, this way you will extend the life of your diffuser. The warranty for this is one year.

6.  Safavieh Silver and Black Oriental Vintage Medallion Area Rug 

Safavieh silver and black oriental vintage medallion area rug are enhanced by polypropylene fibers, which makes it easy to care for. It’s a non-shedding rug. The soothing look of the rug will fit into the zen décor of your room.

This rug will help to pull together the look of a relaxed room to present a room that will be stress-free. It comes in three fashionable colors; you get your pick of what goes with the décor of your room.

The total measurements of the rug are 3’x5’, which is ideal for individuals who are looking to make their room look more open. Best way to clean this rug is by handwashing and then letting it sit out to dry.

One reviewer’s most loved quality of the rug is the price. For a room which doesn’t get as much traffic except when you go to bed, it will last a long time. The color of the rug will help to accentuate the décor of your room.

7.  SilverOnyx Air Purifier

SilverOnyx air purifier has a 5-stage filtration, while the UV-C light and ion generator help to sanitize your breathing space for better air quality. It also has a HEPA H13 activated carbon filter, which further eliminates germs that hang around.

One reviewer commented that they love all the benefits, features and the price which includes the availability of the replacement HEPA filters is a winner for them. It also makes for a great white machine to help get to and stay asleep.

This air purifier has advanced technology, which will keep adjusting to provide the best flow of air. It will filter out pet dander, dust mites, ultra-fine smoke, and mold molecules.

The purifier is lightweight, compact, and covers space up 500 sq. Ft., while featuring a sensor that will help to keep the air clean at all times. An indicator will alert you when the time comes to change the filter.

It has both automatic and manual mode, while both modes having a 5-speed setting. The automatic mode will analyze the air quality and adjust its operation accordingly. When the air quality is terrible, it will function at high speed with some noise, but the air quality gets better, the sound will go down.

8.  AmazonBasics 7-Piece Bed-In-A-Bag Comforter Bedding Set

zen your bedroom today

AmazonBasics 7-piece bed-in-a-bag comforter bedding set includes:

  • 66” x 90” Comforter
  • 66” x 96” flat sheet
  • 39” x 80” fitted sheet
  • 2- 20” x 26” shams
  • 2- 20” x 30” pillowcases

The comforter is filled with 100% microfiber providing a soft and gentle texture. Each piece will accentuate the full look of your room for a more serene sleeping space.

One reviewer gifted this to her daughter for college; she has nothing but good reports. Her comment, “initially she was skeptical because of the price being so low, but went ahead and bought one. Her daughter really loves it, plus it so pretty, the sheets are lightweight, but hold well when getting cleaned.

The material used for each piece is 100% polyester, giving it long-lasting capabilities, yet being cozy and warm. You will find yourself sleeping peacefully while being amazingly comfortable throughout the night.

The bedsheet will feel like you are sleeping on silk bed sheets. Each piece of the bedding is machine washable.

9. HoMedics Silver Springs Indoor Relaxation Fountain

HoMedics Silver Springs indoor relaxation fountain is not only decorative, but it also has a gentle water sound, which helps some to fall asleep quickly. It will provide a relaxed atmosphere to any room.

The fountain features a 3 tiered waterfall with natural stones. Each tier pulls the water along gently while creating a soothing sound. It replicates the sound and sight of an actual waterfall.

You have easy access to the on/off switch, thus making you will not have to unplug it. Just flick the switch when you are going out. The pump is submerged into the water, so it is quiet to keep the water flowing.

Top reviewer’s comment states she has tried many different fountains, but so far this one is the best. The pump is quiet, as is the water. It merely provides a gentle background white noise when I’m going to bed. Even after 6 months of ongoing use, the fountain still runs like it is new.

 It offers tranquility for those looking for peace and quiet after a long day of work. With the fountain running, you will find yourself de-stressing quite quickly.

The extra-deep basin allows for a long stream of water to cascade down like a gentle waterfall. There is an illuminating glow that helps to create a zen-like ambiance.

Anytime you feel anxiety, turn on the waterfall to melt away all stress.

Some final Words On Making Your Room Zen

When you zen your bedroom, make sure to focus on keeping anxiety away. As well remember, stress should also be kept at a minimum in this sacred space. The products I have listed up top will help. 

Having a minimalist approach will help to keep the clutter away. Can’t figure out how to get rid of clutter? Read Jagi’s post on how to declutter your mind to help get physical clutter out of the way.

Being Zen can lead to having a great sleeping experience, but if you find peace is not coming your way or restless, try a weighted blanket for extra comfort and coziness, these blankets are great accessory when you need to zen your bedroom. 

Let me know in the comments below how you zen your bedroom.

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  1. Hi Eric, thank you for your post on zen your bedroom . I totally agree with you, we need to zen our bedrooms. After a long day for people who commute to go to work, and this busy lifestyle, we need to help ourselves to relax  and get our body recharge with energy. Thank you for the list of items you suggested, i found some products I needed.

    • I hope you zen your room as desired. Thanks for leaving a comment. 

  2. Hello Eric,

    I get a great appreciation from the article because as a person who often meditates,

    I have the hardest of time doing it in my bedroom. The number of places I have had to hide

    or confine myself lately is just getting out of control.

    My takeaway fro this is to invest in the Indoor Relaxation fountain so that i can start meditating in my bedroom as well.

    Thank you for your due diligence in researching and sharing all of these options.

  3. Thanks for this post on getting inexpensive product ideas that will relax us, sometimes ago I discovered I was having consistent sleepless nights due to the bed sheets we use in the house, they were not too good for me , I made an order for a new one’s in zenful sleep, and their delivery was very fast and one of the best ,ever since then I have been having a good dreamful nights.thanks

    • Thanks for leaving your comment.

  4. I recently purchased tons of stuff for my apartment on Black Friday, interestingly enough the stuff is very similar to the things you posted here. I feel a ton times better. I wake up in a better mood and everything looks so beautiful which makes life seem more beautiful lol it’s weird but it’s so true, minimize everything in your space, keep it elegant and useful and I’m definitely going to check out that humidifier because I’ve been meaning to get one and this is confirmation that I should.

    • The humidifier will be a great choice, especially during the cold months. 

  5. I’ve actually been thinking about a sunrise light for a while. I may look more seriously into it sometime.

    My room is a little hard to zen unless I commit to painting it. Hahaha. Each wall is a different fluorescent colour thanks to my more experimental days of youth. Now I’d like white or a soft lilac.

    I must vouch for the Amazon Basics bedding though. My ex got them and I was surprised by how comfortable they were!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. 

  6. Thanks for this post on the Inexpensive product that will be readable, I do stress myself a lot at work so why won’t I have a good sleep at night? thanks for this great bed sheets reviews, but I wanna ask if I make the order through the link you shared how long will it take for delivery?and is there any warranty?thanks 

    • Delivery depends upon the one who is fulfilling the product. Most products have a manufacturer warranty but if not then Amazon sometimes also has a 30-day warranty, but you would have to ask when ordering. 


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